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Every country or culture is identified, to an extent, by their cuisine. The culinary industry comprises of the various interpretation of flavours and their amalgamations. 

Every country or culture is identified,Guest Posting to an extent, by their cuisine. The culinary industry comprises of the various interpretation of flavours and their amalgamations. To create a dish marking its identity to a particular creed is not a hard nut to crack provided the chef is acquainted with the flavours of that culture. For instance, Indian food is known for its spices and herb infused dishes and an array of flour based bread like naan or chapatti. These characteristic elements are presumed notions of any individual when Indian food comes to his mind. Indian cuisine is dominated by flavours from spices, clarified butter, oil and a range of various masalas. Indian restaurants are spread all across the globe because of its diversity in dishes and options. Each state in the country has a different concept of lavish food. For instance, in the Southern and eastern portion of the country people indulge massive quantities of seafood and their staple diet consists of the same while in the Northern region is known for its chicken and lentil preparations. The variety in Indian food itself is so large that it has become gourmet cuisine.

Indian food restaurants have become a worldwide phenomenon because of the ingredients and flavours used to create the dishes. Authenticity oozes out of every morsel and every bite is a representation of the diverse knowledge of spices. Chefs and food patrons have declared the dosa to be one of the top 10 items to eat before one dies. The craze for authentic Indian cuisine has reached every corner of the world and the foreigners too have enjoyed the sharpness of the dish. Poultry, meat and seafood are used in many preparations keeping the other ingredients more or less the same. In an Indian household food is given importance and is the sign of a prosperous family. Any guest that sets foot in an Indian home is bound to be fed till his heart’s content. Using this theme, all these restaurants that serve Indian cuisine provide ample quantities of food. The key element that highlights the cuisine is its quantity and its rich authentic taste.

Indian restaurants cater to the needs of all the diverse pallets by creating spicy as well as non spicy preparations. The ambience and service of these Indian themed restaurants is very pleasant and inviting. The survive provided as well is hospitable while the menu has so much diversity, it is hard to pick a favourite. The versatility provided by the Indian food restaurants in terms of its taste and amalgamation of flavours is what sets it apart from the regular restaurants or cafes. Ambiguity and monotony are two adjectives that cannot be used to describe Indian food. India is rich for its culture but its cuisine has become the new identity of the country. With such taste and fusion of elements it is one of the most popular cuisines not only within the country but also on an international level. Its craze and demand is increasing with time and hopefully in the due course it will be one of the top contenders of people’s favourite cuisine.

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