Loose Tea Leaf Storage

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Storing tea can be very simple. If you keep your tea in an airtight container and then store your container in a dark, cool, dry place free from strong odors, you will likely consume it before you begin to notice any degradation in aroma or taste.

 Looking a bit deeper into tea storage opens up a bit more complexity. In this guide,Guest Posting we’re going to share some useful tips, mainly focused on storing ‘loose leaf’ tea.


1.To choose the best container


To prepare a great tea containerand provided they have an airtight seal, are completely dry, and odor free;


Stainless steel tins: tea tins made out of stainless steel block sunlight, don’t absorb odors, and can be made durable for everyday use. Our stainless steel tea tins are designed especially for loose leaf tea.


Colored glass: darkly colored glass blocks most sunlight, doesn’t absorb odors, and is easy to clean. However, avoid direct sunlight even with colored glass.


2. Where to Store Loose Leaf Tea


Loose leaf tea absorbs moisture like a sponge. If tea gets damp, it begins to mold and decay. Keep loose leaf tea in a cool, dry place. A kitchen cupboard is a great place to store tea. Do not store your loose leaf tea in a refrigerator or freezer, this will introduce moisture and prematurely age your tea.


Loose leaf tea absorbs odors too. Don’t store your tea near spices or you might find your tea tasting like something you had for dinner! Sunlight robs tea of flavor. Avoid direct sunlight. Even indirect light takes its toll.


3. Buy leaf tea from a reputable source


Investing your time in understanding how to store loose tea will only make sense if you buy from a reliable source in the first place. If you’re receiving un-fresh tea, storing it properly won’t make it better. Before you waste your time, find some trustable sellers. For farm-fresh Chinese tea, you can browse the online store. For teas from other countries, take your time to look around and ask your other tea friends for advice.


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