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Cooking is your passion and you want to pursue it as a career and become a professional chef then there are professional courses that you can do. Now however talented you are in cooking and even after having graduated from a prestigious culinary school you cannot expect to become a professional chef overnight. It takes a while to earn the level of expertise and to gain the high degree of trust to earn you the title of a professional chef also known as an executive chef. There seems to be certain steps that you can follow to attain the high level of professionalism and to become a professional chef. If you are lucky then you might achieve your success even faster,Guest Posting but there are some basic steps that you might have to follow to help you become a professional chef. 1.First get hired as a junior chef known as the commis chef position. This is where you will learn the practical culinary arts and here is where you can really decide if you really want to pursue you career as a chef or take a U turn.2.Second step is to move to the next level the Line Cook this title is also known as Chef de Partie. Here you will be responsible for cooking the food in one specific section of the kitchen. You will find this title in large professional kitchens. You get a chance to train in different section of the restaurant.3.Third level is the chief assistant of the Professional chef / executive chef, this title is also referred as Sous Chef.  You learn to create schedules for the kitchen, to work with customers to resolve problems and filling in for the line cook in his absence if necessary.  Here you pick up some managerial skills that are necessary to move to the next and final level that is the professional chef.4.Fourth step is to get hired as a professional chef/ executive chef. Here your managerial skills learned when you were an assistant chef will come is use. Walla!! You have reached your goal of becoming a professional chef. But if you are lucky enough to break into the big time, it can be much higher.With these steps you can understand the ladder that you need to climb to become a top most  Professional Chef. You can plan your career and strategize how to best achieve your goal.

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