The Top Five Natural Energy Boosters

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Need a bit of extra juice to get through the day? Instead of reaching for an energy drink, try these natural energy boosters instead.

It’s 3pm and you’re feeling sleepy. What do you do? Grab a chemical-laden artificial energy drink that you know will cause you to crash in a couple of hours. How about you get something natural instead? Here are three natural energy boosters that can help you get the energy you need,Guest Posting and the best ways to consume them to avoid energy crashes.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is Instrumental in forming red blood cells, the part of our blood that transports oxygen around our body. Once cells get oxygen, they get energized and can do their work. B12 is also an important part of brain function, which is why B12 supplements can help us get our energy back.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get the B12 they need since it’s mostly found in fish, dairy, eggs, and meat. That’s why supplements or energy drinks with B12 can help vegetarians and vegans get the necessary amount of B12 in their diet. That said, meat eaters who feel low on energy can also benefit from adding a bit of vitamin B12 into their daily routine.


The original and, for many, best energy booster is caffeine. While the majority of the world gets their caffeine from a cup of coffee or espresso, there are actually many ways to get caffeine in a manner that doesn’t have the usual jittery side effects.

The most popular way to enjoy some caffeine in Argentina, for example, is through yerba mate tea. Yerba mate is a delicious plant that contains a fair amount of caffeine along with other important natural ingredients that can help reduce stress and even help your sleep cycle.

The key to enjoying caffeine without the jitters or crashes is to enjoy it in something offering more than just caffeine. Natural energy drinks that contain caffeine are your best bet since they can offer energy in a more holistic way that keeps your energy up for longer.


Adaptogens are a type of plant that is found in the Amazon rainforest. These plants contain a number of different important compounds for the body, but what sets them apart is that they can shift their hormone production and physiological responses to stress.

Many adaptogens contain B12 and caffeine, which help give you energy right away. Their real power, however, is in how they can affect how your body produces and processes cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

Cortisol courses through our body when we feels threatened. Of course, our bodies have a hard time differentiating what is a real threat and what is part of the stress of modern living, meaning many people have more cortisol in their bodies than they should. This can lead to long-term health issues. In the short-term, however, cortisol can affect our sleep, cause us to feel burnt out and generally stop us from having the energy or focus we need to get through the day.

Getting adaptogens into our daily routines can help reduce our stress levels and improve our overall energy. Plus, you can find them in many natural energy drinks or in supplement form!


Natural energy boosters are a great alternative to the chemical-laden energy drinks out there. The trick is finding a balanced and holistic way to get the vitamins, minerals and natural compounds you need to have sustained energy throughout the day. If you focus on getting balanced levels of caffeine and B12, along with the power of adaptogens, into your routine, you could experience better energy levels without the crashes that come with too much coffee or regular energy drinks.

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