What is the Paleo Diet and Who Were The Caveman?

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Why is there a surge in Paleo Dieter? People realist the Paleo Diet is a natural and organic diet with delicious recipes for the whole family.

Cavemen were nomadic people. Cavemen travelled in small groups and were constantly moving. Keep in mind cavemen were constantly roaming looking for living conditions and food.  Their living quarters and eating habits were influenced by the seasons. Caveman living near oceans and waterways had a high diet of raw fish. Caveman living inland had a high diet of raw wild animals. Capturing food was a live threathening experience. For meat the Paleo man captured wild animals it was kill and eat or be killed. The caveman did not have the benefit of a guns or knives but use cruel stone age made weapons. Fresh raw animals and plants had to be consumed quickly to prevent waste. The caveman did not have a means for preserving foods. Animal skin and fur was used for clothing and shelter. Caveman  did not eat grains,Guest Posting legume or dairy products. Peanuts are a legume and not a nut and were not eaten by the caveman. Many grains, beans and potatoes contain toxins eaten raw. Milk was not consumed during the Paleolithic period because animals had not been domesticated. The only sweetener was natural honey. For strict Paleo Dieters honey is not allowed.  For millions of years humans ate meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, seeds, birds, eggs, roots, and leaves of different plants. Some studies indicated the the Paleolithic diet was one-half animal foods and the remainder fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Around 10,000 years ago, there was a world changing discovery. The discovery was controlling fire. Man discovered cooking. Cooking grains, beans and potatoes killed the toxins making them edible. Cooking issued in the New Stone Age or the Neolithic Period. In the beginning food was either roasted or toasted. Roasting was limited to meats, nuts and a few grains.The Neolithic period ushered in agriculture and pottery. People were able to stay and live in one place. Paleo people never lived in one place. Neolithic people grew their own grains. The Paleo people did not grow crops but constantly looking for food. Pottery made cooking easier and foods could be transported. Cooking food enabled man to increase their diet. Cooking inedibe raw foods killed toxins making these foods edible.

After the Paleo period animals were domesticated. Animals could be penned and cow’s milk and goat’s milk could be consumed. Modern society has introduced mass farmering and food production.  Additionally, food contain additives and are processed. Adding additives and processing increases shelf life of foods and improves food appearances.  Additives and processed foods have their advantages but it is well documented the negative health effects that additives and preservatives has on our daily lives. The modern Paleo Diet is back to nature and encourages the eating habits of our ancestors, no additives or preservatives. Modern Paleo Diet: lean red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, herbs and natural spices. Dairy is not allowed in Paleo Diet but Paleo Recipes have plant based alternatives to cow’s milk and wheat grain.

Try to imagine the caveman’s life. The only means for transportation would be by foot. No stationary home. Living in caves. Caveman had to capture all of their food. No supermarkets.  Cavemen were a part of modern man’s evolution. The Paleolithic Diet (abbreviated The Paleo Diet), Caveman Diet diet. referred to as the Stone Age, or Hunter-Gatherer diet has proven to be Mother Nature diet. Allergy free diet recommended for those that require a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free diet or MSG free diet. The Caveman diet is considered an allergy free diet. Paleo dieters has surged in recent years. Consumers realist that the Paleo diet is a nutrious and preservative free diet for the whole family. The modern Paleo diet contains foods originally eaten in man's evolution. Because the Paleo Diet is low fat and low carbs it is an excellent weight loss and weight maintenance diet. Delicious nutrition that will improve and maintain optimal health. Healthy and natural foods are the ultimate secret to optimal health.

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