Auckland Carpet Repair Tips: Proper Handling of Dents Caused by Furniture in Carpetings

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Carpet dents caused by furniture will occur in every type of carpet. Even wool carpets, whose fibers are stronger than synthetic fibers, will develop carpet dents under the continued pressure of heavy furniture. These carpet dents are not a problem if you intend on keeping the furniture in exactly the same spot all the time. But it is difficult to keep furniture in exactly the same spot.

Fixing carpet dents is very easy to do all you need is ice and a vacuum cleaner. If your carpet is made of synthetic fibers (nylon,Guest Posting polyester, olefin, triexta), the cold method is recommended. For carpets made of natural fibers (wool, sisal), the hot (steam) method is better. You don't need to rent special machinery to remove carpet dents.To remove carpet dents from furniture you can use a cold or hot method, both of which are cheap and easy.

When you fix the dents in carpet from the furniture that has been sitting on it a long time you will need ice cubes. First you should move the furniture out of the way so you have some room to work. Then take an ice cube and place the ice cube directly on the dented spot in the carpet.

The Cold Method for Removing Carpet Dents To remove carpet dents from furniture in a synthetic carpet, use the cold method which gradually trickles water into the dented fibers to prepare them for straightening. Here are the steps to removing carpet dents with the cold method. Step 1. Place 1 or 2 ice cubes inside your carpet dents and leave them to melt slowly. Step 2. As the cubes melt, the dented carpet fibers will absorb the moisture and swell. When the ice cubes are gone, dab the carpet dent dry with white paper towels or a white cloth. Step 3. Vacuum the area to pull the fibers up and remove the carpet dents from sight.

Hopefully the ice trick on the carpet dent will work and your carpet will stand up like new.You can use the ice trick anytime your furniture dents your carpet. Using an ice cube to get the dents out of a carpet is easy to do and it does not cost much since ice is not expensive.

The Hot Method for Removing Carpet Dents To remove carpet dents from furniture in natural carpets, it's important to restrict the amount of water absorbed by the fibers. Failure to do so may cause mold to grow in the carpet. Here are the steps to removing carpet dents with the steam method, which limits the amount of water released. Step 1. Wet a white handkerchief, kitchen towel or rag, then squeeze out as much water as you can. You want the cloth to be damp not wet. Step 2. Lay the damp white cloth over the carpet dents you wish to remove. If you have several, concentrate on one area at a time. Step 3. Set an iron to the steam setting (medium to high) and gently glide it over the damp cloth for 30 seconds. (It's a good idea to wear gloves and long sleeves to protect you from the rising steam.) Step 4. Remove the damp cloth and iron and let the carpet cool. Step 5. Once the fibers are cooled, remove the carpet dents by scratching the fibers like a cat. How to Prevent Carpet Dents As with all things in life, the best way to remove carpet dents is to prevent them in the first place. You've probably heard of furniture coasters, those discs that you slip beneath each leg of furniture.

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