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Uninformed use of insecticide may cause more harm than good. On the other hand, killing cockroaches manually is yucky and messy. Use insecticide - commercially available insecticide - as last resort. Try safer and practical method available.

While there is less food in washrooms,Guest Posting food areas are usually nearby or available through holes around plumbing pipes. These pipes provide additional harborage and areas where cockroaches can enter adjacent rooms. To avoid infestation, clean this areas frequently.  If your house is still cockroach-free, seal the creepers out by putting screens on any openings. To cockroaches, the most desirable harborage is in and around refrigerators, stoves, under sinks, and undisturbed cabinets, which provide both protection and food. Kitchen areas with high humidity, sink traps, leaking faucets, standing water and wet sponges are attractive to cockroaches. They also may be found in washrooms, because of their toilet bowls, sinks, wet wash cloths, and sometimes, water heaters.

If cockroaches already inhabit your house, do the following measures:

1. Keep your house clean by regular housekeeping.

2 Put garbage in sealed trash bin.

3. Wash dishes right away.

4. Cover foods.

5. Keep sink and bathroom dry.

6. Patch up cracks and crevices, and check dark and humid areas regularly for possible harborage.

7. Store food and kitchen wares in secure and sealed places.

Alternative Elimination

Things Needed:Sprayer500 ml isopropyl alcohol (70% solution)Empty isopropyl alcohol into sprayer.Set sprayer's nozzle to convenient pressure.Contain cockroaches in one place (especially into cracks and crevices) by blocking all escape routes. Spray generously. Aim sprayer on cockroaches' mouth parts and see them go dizzy and die eventually.

Some specific actions that will reduce harborage include:

  • Seal as many cracks and crevices in the kitchen and food storage areas as possible with a good silicone sealer. A review of monthly reports may indicate from time to time that other specific areas may need to be sealed.
  • Repair holes in walls or floors and seal inaccessible areas that could become harborage for pests.
  • Replace wood food storage shelves with wire shelves.
  • Do not store infrequently used items in the same areas as frequently used items and food supplies.
  • Repair all moisture problems.
  • Do not keep recycled goods such as beverage containers, cans, paper, cardboard, etc. near the kitchen or food supply areas.
  • Institute a good cleaning program. Pesticide use without cleaning and sanitation will not produce long term control of a pest infestation.
  • Recommend good lighting.
  • Point out areas that need ventilation.
  • Recommend reduction of clutter (particularly cardboard boxes) and excess product in cabinets or storage.
  • Where practical, install air curtains to keep out flying insects.
  • Recommend rotating stock.

If cockroaches find new locations with favorable conditions, they can move from one harborage to another, or develop new infestations. Outdoor infestations are found only outside heavily infested structures from which steady cockroach migrations occur and near dumpsters and garbage cans.  

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