Considerations for a Good Bed bug Spray

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There are still a number of Bed bug treatments that can help eradicate Bed bugs. One cost effective treatment method is by using Bed bug sprays that are very useful when it comes to controlling and eliminating Bed bugs.

The Bed bug dilemma was managed by DDT in the past,Guest Posting which is a powerful pest killing pesticide that was banned due to the study that showed that its effects was a threat to human health and the environment. This is why new treatments have been invented to kill Bed bugs. And the bed bug spray is one of them.

Unfortunately, there are lot of Bed bug sprays in the market that claim to be the most effective, but we can only verify that after we have applied it. This is why, looking for and selecting a suitable Bed bug spray is important and will require vigilance and thorough research.

Mainly there are two types of sprays that are used by the annoyed victims of bug bites; first one is the chemical spray and the second is the biological spray. Both have their pros and cons, the conclusion can only be drawn after discussing their features.

Chemical bed bug sprays

There are several cases in which it has been proved to be more harmful to the humans and much more irritating to the skin than the bug bites themselves. This is basically due to the different chemicals used in them; however with professionals helping an individual out it can work much faster, without any side-effects but yet expensive.

Biological bed bug sprays

The advantage of this kind is that it does not harm our skin as it contains natural ingredients and is also cheaper when compared with the other types. If a person does not want to spend a fortune just to get rid of these bed bugs he should consider the biological spray but those who have fully grown infestation in their homes should hire the professional services immediately and get rid of it with the help of chemical spray.

How to Select a Bed Bug Spray

Before you assume that the Bed bug spray you would choose can be the perfect solution to your Bed bug infestation problem, you must bear in mind that there are no ideal sprays that can completely cure a Bed bug infestation and that each and every infestation will be different.

  • Select a Bed bug spray that is registered under the United States Environmental Protection Agency to make sure that they meet the quality and safety requirements, being without any harmful chemical ingredients.
  • The Bed bug spray should be able to eradicate Bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults, no matter what their life stage may be.
  • Cost effective and convenient Bed bug sprays should be preferred as they are easy to apply and won't burn a hole in our pockets.
  • The sprays should be non toxic and safe to use even if there are children and pets nearby.
  • Water based and non staining Bed bug sprays should be used on carpets, sofas and furniture, as oil based spray solutions will leave stains and are not allowed on airplanes when traveling.
  • Choose non flammable sprays, so read the labels carefully before purchasing or using them to avoid any accidents.

Choosing Between Non Residual and Residual Sprays

You would need to consider the areas you would be treating if you are confused between non residual and residual sprays. Residual sprays works great for cracks, holes and cervices, but should never be applied on mattresses and furniture that humans usually come into contact with.

Non residual sprays do not leave excess moisture on furniture that can cause molds and completely ruin them.

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