Effective Prevention and Some Cockroach Control Ideas

Dec 17


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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The key to the control of German cockroaches (or any pest) is to integrate all the management tools available (inspections, sanitation, exclusion) in order to minimize insecticide applications. A pattern of excessive insecticide use may lead to contamination problems, accidents, regulatory enforcement citations and other problems.

Whether you're in the food industry,Effective Prevention and Some Cockroach Control Ideas Articles the restaurant industry, or any other commercial operation, the longer you wait, the more damage they'll do. It is important to keep in mind that a properly conducted insecticide treatment program for German cockroach management requires careful consideration as to the choice of both insecticide ingredient and insecticide formulation.Always be careful not to become too complacent about, and disrespectful of, the potential hazards of the pesticides you use. Keep in mind that the objective is to manage or eliminate the cockroaches with the maximum level of safety to yourself, the client and the environment. 

Extensive treatment of wall voids, attics, crawl spaces and other voids with dust or other inorganic insecticides has long been recognized as a very useful strategy to eliminate, or at least limit, cockroach and other pest problems in structures. Such treatments are most conveniently done during the building's construction, but can also be done by careful and thorough application after construction. In general, as long as these dusts remain dry they will effectively kill cockroaches in the treated voids.

Another practice which is becoming more common in cockroach management for restaurants, buses and certain other situations is the use of fumigation (usually with sulfuryl fluoride - vikane). This technique may seem rather radical; but it is legal, can be done safely, and has been found to be a practical alternative for some situations. Fumigation provides immediate elimination of a cockroach population. However, since it provides no residual to control new cockroaches, it will not take the place of a traditional cockroach management program. For accounts where the expense of fumigation is feasible, it may be wise to substitute fumigation for the initial "clean out," and then continue with a traditional cockroach control program.

mportant aspects of the cockroach management program should be continued inspections, occasional surveys and necessary insecticide applications to maintain the highest possible degree of cockroach management. Do not fall into a routine of using only certain types of insecticide applications, without doing the inspections and whatever else is necessary to find any and all remaining cockroach harborages. If insecticide applications and other activities in an account become too routine, the cockroaches will adapt to them and avoid the treatments. Keep in mind that a pest management firm is hired to eliminate pests, not to apply pesticides. One of the hardest aspects of a professional's (and the supervisor's) job after satisfactory cockroach management or elimination is achieved is to maintain the necessary level of alertness and intensity in each account so that cockroach infestations do not rebound. Avoid the common cycle of initial "clean out," followed by a period of complacency, followed by an emergency need to do another "clean out."

Long-term control of cockroaches requires unrelenting effort. From the start, think of the program as a continuing cycle which requires a constant and high level of vigilance. After satisfactory management has been achieved, rely more on inspection and survey and less on a routine of insecticide treatments. Frequent "clean out" treatments should not be necessary if the program is properly designed and there is adequate attention to inspections, surveys, sanitation, incoming sources of infestation and necessary insecticide treatments.

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