How to Handle Carpet Cleaning With Success Over Milk Sour Smell Problem

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Sour milk leaves a strong odor that can become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a variety of items that can be used to remove the odor quickly and nearly effortlessly.

The odor of spoiled milk is traditionally very difficult to remove. Fortunately,Guest Posting there are some relatively simple and inexpensive solutions. The sooner you clean the smelly spot, the greater your chances of restoring a fresh scent to your room, house, refrigerator and house-on-wheels. Avoid spilling milk if you can. Also, do not cry over the spilled milk if you indeed spilled it anyway. Do something about it instead.

There are products available that are designed to remove the proteins that leave odors, such as cat urine. Milk odors also come from proteins left in the carpet. Applying these enzyme-based products will help to eliminate the odor. Follow manufacturer's instructions for application during carpet cleaning

Regular hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove odors as well. Before spraying on the entire carpet check a small area first. Only use regular household peroxide. The kind used to bleach hair is too aggressive and will bleach the carpet. Spray it on and allow it to set until it stops "fizzling." Blot it with a clean cloth or remove it with a steam carpet cleaner or wet vac.

Set a bowl of vinegar in the odor-filled area for a several days. It also works to spray the vinegar directly onto the carpet. Blot it up with a clean cloth or remove with a steam cleaner. There will be a slight vinegar odor, but it will dissipate as the carpet dries.

Spilled milk on carpet is yet another job for Fluffy!  Simply grab your cat and put her near the milk.  Come back ten or fifteen minutes later and Voila!  The milk is no more!  Pat Fluffy on her cute little head and go on about your business.

Be sure to deal with spilled milk on carpet immediately as it will go sour very quickly.  Milk left on carpet over the span of a few days smells truly awful!  Spilled milk on carpet is one of those liquids that you cannot afford to wait on.  Get that stuff up!

Another way is to get rid of the smell of sour milk on your carpet, using warm water and some detergent to clean up the area. Then, scrub it thoroughly and sock the place in white vinegar. Use paper towels to mop up the area, launder them and then let the place dry completely or you can opt to use a fan or a hairdryer. Finally, use air freshener to give a good smell to the room.

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