Perfect Fly Control Remedy for Indoor Fruitflies

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Attracted to the sweet smell of ripe or rotting fruit, fruit flies are often seen flying around fruit bowls. Beyond routinely inspecting the condition of fresh fruit and removing any fruit that is overripe or damaged, there are some additional natural measures homeowners can take to get rid of fruit flies.

Preferring a diet of yeast,Guest Posting fruit flies ignore unripe fruit and go straight for rotting and overly ripe selections. They will also frequent drains, garbage, and damp organic materials. Not only are fruit flies a disgusting sight when they hover over fruits and vegetables, they are also a health risk.

In order to gain back control of your living spaces, consider the following home remedies for fruit flies indoor

Rubbing Alcohol

Fill a fine-misting spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. When you spray them with the mist, the flies will be killed instantly and fall to the floor. Just sweep them up and the flies are gone for good. Parents tend to favor this method because it is a safe alternative to pesticides.

Apple Cider

Make a simple fruit fly trap by filling a jar halfway with apple cider. Punch a few holes into the lid, screw it on, and place it anywhere around your house. The fruit flies will be able to enter the jar but won't be able to escape.


Deter fruit flies by placing a bowl of basil on a windowsill or table where the flies congregate.

Fly Strips

These sticky strips work well to eliminate large fly populations. Hang them around your house where the flies frequent.

Clean Your Kitchen

Fruit flies are attracted to mold and moisture. They will sense even the slightest sign of old fruit pieces, so it is vital to keep your kitchen clean.

Remove Overripe Fruit

Fruit flies love the smell of overripe or rotting fruit. Make sure to periodically inspect fruit that is kept out in the open and remove fruit that easily attracts flies.

Open Your Window

Flies dislike the cold and wind, so keep a window open to let the air circulate freely.

Wine Trap:

Fill a saucer with white wine and add a bit of detergent to it. Leave the saucer in a room where fruit flies frequent. They will sip on the wine and expire due to the wine causing ‘gut rot' in pests.

Mind Your Mess:

Fruit flies are also attracted to soiled sponges; old, damp dish rags; as well as food and drink spills so mind your messes and don't let your garbage overflow if you wish to control your fruit fly problem.

The best way to control fruit flies at this point is to get rid of the breeding adults. You can make a simple vinegar trap to catch and kill fruit flies that just won't go away. Fortunately, fruit flies aren't very bright. The adults spend all their time focused on two goals: mating and laying eggs on rotting fruit.

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