What is Properly Performed Carpet Cleaning for Darkened Portion Underneath Walls and Doors

Feb 18


Ma. Theresa Galan

Ma. Theresa Galan

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If you have noticed your carpet turning black or gray along the walls or doors you may have a problem called filtration spoiling. This soiling does not occur as a result of insufficient vacuuming or improper vacuuming techniques (although consistently failing to vacuum the very edge of the room can help to amplify the problem). It is a problem that can occur in the cleanest of homes, and is not considered a reflection of house-keeping abilities.


Another problem that might seem unusual but is actually quite common and can fortunately often be corrected is when dark areas build up on carpets under door entries. You might have tried to remove these black or gray stains with vigorous vacuuming and spot treatments to find they just won't go away or if you get the stains to fade they keep reappearing.

Filtration soiling occurs in areas where there is concentrated airflow,What is Properly Performed Carpet Cleaning for Darkened Portion Underneath Walls and Doors Articles bringing with it fine dust, soils and contaminants. Over time, these soils and contaminants build up on the immediate carpet area and cause the carpet to darken.

There are several ways to deal with filtration soiling. If this is a recurring problem, cleaning professionals should pay more attention to vacuuming these areas. Because filtration soiling is usually caused by dry soils, these are best removed with a high-performance vacuum cleaner. However, if the problem persists even with more frequent vacuuming, different treatments can be used to effectively clean the problem areas.

Ultimately, the best way to deal with filtration soiling is to prevent it from happening in the first place. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute and other sources, some of the ways to do this include the following:

Ï Apply stain-resistance treatments to the problem areas; be sure the carpet is thoroughly cleaned before applying these treatments.

Ï Check HVAC filters. Often when this problem develops, building managers discover that HVAC filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

Ï Seal the bottoms of doors so that there is less air movement underneath.

Ï In problem areas, install matting in indoor walkways to help remove soils from shoe bottoms and prevent dust and soils from becoming airborne.

Discoloration of the carpet caused by filtration soiling is very difficult to remove. The particles are extremely fine and thus end up firmly embedded in the fibers of the carpet. In some extreme cases, it may not be possible to fully remove all traces of the soiling.For this type of soiling, it is best to let the professionals handle it.

Contact your local carpet cleaning company and advise them of the situation, and ask for their advice. The cleaning method that is likely to be most successful is hot water extraction (commonly known as steam cleaning). A cleaning solution added to the water in the machine will help in the removal of the soiling.

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