What Pest Control Method Works Best for Non Upholstered Furniture

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Nothing is worse than bed bugs, right? Those pesky little creatures can make you seriously uncomfortable and cost you tons of money replacing furniture. But you can treat your furniture without spending money or having to throw it out.

Non-upholstered furniture is not as challenging as upholstered furniture because you don't have to worry about bed bugs hiding in the upholstery.  However,Guest Posting bed bugs can still hide in corners and cracks and crevices.  Your primary weapon will be a vacuum to remove any bed bugs that might be lurking in the furniture.

Take the following steps:

1.  VacuumVacuum the furniture thoroughly.  Be sure to vacuum all cracks and crevices and undersides of any drawers, etc..2.  Use Diatomaceous Earth (If Possible)If possible, put diatomaceous earth in cracks and crevices.  For example, if there are joints in the furniture that have gaps and you can apply some diatomaceous earth to those gaps without making the furniture unsightly, then go ahead and do so.

Consider putting diatomaceous earth in the bottoms of drawers. This is helpful just in case any bed bugs manage to get into drawers.   Diatomaceous earth is a fine chalky, powder, so this can be rather messy.   But if the items you are placing into the drawers are sealed in plastic bags, the diatomaceous earth won't get on them. Diatomaceous earth is a natural, non-toxic substance that is very effective in helping control bed bugs.

3.  Caulk Cracks & Crevices (If Possible)If you can caulk any cracks and crevices without making the furniture unsightly, then go ahead and do so. This will prevent any bed bugs from finding harborages in those crevices. 

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR MATTRESS OR FURNITURE.YOU ARE THROWING AWAY MONEY. You risk dropping bedbugs and eggs with every step you take with them, AND it will not get rid of the problem. Not only will you still have your bedbugs, but the expense of replacing the furniture and paying for treatment as well. Don't waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new bed and furniture. Invest it in a guaranteed treatment with registered pest control professional.

Put isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the braiding of the mattress, the headboard, and the box springs, if you wish. Test on a small section of furniture to see if it stains; wood surfaces finished with lacquer or varnish may be damaged by alcholol. Alcohol kills on contact, but it does not remain on the surfaces to continue killing bedbugs. It has a dehydrating effect, so it may have some effect on eggs in multiple treatments. If someone visits with a suitcase, or you return from travel, spray the suitcase as well. After using the alcohol spray, make sure the room is ventilated and everything is dry before you sleep there. Remember that the alcohol is a temporary fix, so you will be spraying frequently until we get there to treat.

Although there are some pests that homeowners can tackle on their own, bedbugs are one pest that should be handled by professionals, and in a timely manner.


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