When Facing Matted Carpet, Do What Carpet Repair is Due for It

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Consumers should understand those changes in a carpet's appearance, including textural changes (uniformity of texture), take place from the start of use and continue to occur throughout the life cycle of the carpet. 

Carpets can become matted over time,Guest Posting especially in high-traffic areas where the steady weight of bodies pushes down on the carpet fibers. The weight of furniture can severely mat a carpet, which tends to be difficult to remove. Fortunately, you may be able to re-fluff or revive your matted carpet

Carpeting is frequently used in apartments and homes as a way to improve the visual aesthetic of the space. The carpet also covers the wood or the concrete underneath it and makes it more comfortable to walk on.

One of the problems with carpeting is that it can flatten and get matted down over time from age, wear and tear, as well as dirt accumulating in the fibers. While severely matted carpeting eventually needs to be replaced, you can do proper carpet repair of matted carpeting to some extent.

Although matting also crushing will eventually occur with all fiber types and carpet constructions, carpet appearance can be prolonged and matting and crushing can be slowed by installing carpet over firm cushions. Without the support of a firm cushion, the face fibers of the carpet must absorb the traffic shocks on their own.

Matting and crushing can also be offset by adopting a routine soil management program, and by occasionally rearranging furniture to alter traffic lanes. Carpet construction is also critical. Low, tight gauge, densely constructed carpets will maintain their appearance over a longer period of time than a medium or low grade construction in the same end-use. If you know a carpet is going to get heavy or more frequent use, the right carpet must be specified for the demands anticipated.

Even then, matting and crushing would eventually occur sometime after the floor traffic test count had been exceeded by the end-user. Considering this, one must accept that various degrees of matting and crushing will remain a normal characteristic of carpet with use. However, virtually every claim for these conditions can be postponed and the appearance of the carpet maintained for a longer period of time when the right carpet and components are selected for end-use.


Matted carpet fibers can ruin the appearance of a newly rearranged room. Matted carpet dents occur beneath heavy furnishing. Sometimes only small dents appear beneath furniture legs, while heavy legless furniture can mat a large area of carpet. Removing dents and reviving matted carpet after moving furniture ensures the carpet regains its fluff quickly and looks its best. Moisture and heat, or steam, gets rid of dents quickly without damaging the carpeting.

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