Yard Perfect Flea Control is Keeping Them Off the Grass First

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Your lawn can serve as the home of thousands of fleas. Defend both you and your pet's health and comfort by killing the fleas in your grass using a combination of chemical and nonchemical strategies.

To completely end a flea infestation,Guest Posting you have to treat the pets, the home and the yard. If you want to kill fleas in your grass, you have to consider the life cycle of a flea. Most people are concerned with killing the adult flea but if you really want to tackle the problem you have to attack fleas in all four stages.Several natural methods exist to kill fleas in grass.

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Water the yard thoroughly. According to University of Florida IFAS Extension, water drowns flea larvae and removes the dried blood meal that adult fleas leave for their offspring. Irrigation often effectively reduces flea populations.Soak your lawn with water so that the grass and soil surface is evenly wet. Fleas drown easily and this will help flea control population. Allow the lawn to dry, then pull on white socks and walk across your grass. If you still have many fleas, they'll appear as black dots clinging to your socks and you'll need to treat your lawn with chemicals.

Maintain your landscape by pruning back dense shrub growth, removing weeds and keeping grass mowed low. This exposes the area to more sunlight, which kills both flea larvae and their eggs, according to the University of Tennessee   Sprinkle your lawn with water again. This forces the surviving fleas to climb onto the top of the grass, suggests Texas A&M University. Otherwise, the grass blades will shield the pests from the insecticide.   Spray your lawn with an outdoor insecticide formulated with diazinon, carbaryl or deltamethrin, according to Ohio State University. Apply the insecticides according to their labeled guidelines, since toxicity varies by product. These sprays will kill fleas upon contact. Retreat the lawn 45 days later to catch any fleas that you may have missed the first time around.   Other experts urge that the use of eucalyptus leaves will deter these unwanted pests. Fleas, for some reason, can't stand the smell of this pungent leaf.

Eucalyptus leaves are not toxic to pets or humans so this is a safe flea controls method to use for families and animal lovers. Borax is also great for ridding fleas. It is non-toxic and you can spread it on your carpet or lawn. Letting it sit for a few days and vacuuming it up will eliminate fleas inside your home. In the lawn a few days of Borax treatments are enough to do the job in most cases. Intermittent Borax treatments on your lawn will also serve in a preventative manner.  

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