Check out which Celebs made how much Donations for COVID-19

Apr 16


kiyara ap

kiyara ap

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Indian Celebs Who Made Donations To Fight Coronavirus & Gave Back To The Country That Made Them


The coronavirus has hit the world like a sledgehammer sending panic and anxiety across the world. Aside from the medical worries,Check out which Celebs made how much Donations for COVID-19 Articles the biggest question is that of the economic impact of the virus. The Indian economy was already doing badly and this pandemic has definitely come across as a double blow.With increasing number of cases in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown thus effectively shutting down the whole country. Just to be assured that everyone will stays at home  and thus it can help in containing the spread of the virus.Bollywood has been majorly impacted by the shutdown too as shoots and events have got cancelled. But with the crisis looming large, our celebs have stepped into the act and have started contributing to alleviate the problems faced by their fellow countrymen.


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