The Blame Factor

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"The Blame Factor' - ... but who's to blame?If you read the regular articles in ... and ... you will be ... with ... about how much money is lost every year to busines

"The Blame Factor' - Sabotage,Guest Posting but who's to blame?

If you read the regular articles in newspapers and magazines you will be inundated with information about how much money is lost every year to business. There is a list, stress, alcohol, drugs, mismanagement, union issues and many more. If the figures are to be believed billions are lost every year because of these issues. It is a wonder we make any money in business at all.

So what is at the core of these issues? It is extremely simple it is something which has been with mankind since we first walked upon this earth. At the centre of all these issues is the ‘Blame Factor'.

Throughout history whether we were going to war, enslaving peoples or burning witches at the stake, it has been all to fulfil our base instinct to blame someone or something. Blaming others stops us having to look at our own shortcomings in life.

Are we evolving into a more civilised society as we move into the twenty first century, we are not. The powerful use of the media and advanced communication mean we are able to point the finger more readily and more often. Whether it be governments, businesses, health services, judiciary, our neighbours and a thousand more organisations and individuals, we can blame someone else. It is even becoming the basis of our television shows.

Does it matter?

Yes it does matter. When we blame, we sabotage our lives and that or our neighbours. We damage the infrastructure of our society and believe ourselves to be disempowered.

When we take responsibility for our lives and the issues and problems we face, then we can do something about changing things and travel towards personal and organisational empowerment.

It suits the people who wish to wield power over the individual to keep you in a weak position. As a ‘finger pointer'; you can be controlled and manipulated. Whether members of your government, business managers or in individuals in your own home they can control you by giving you someone to blame for the ills in your life (refugees, children, accounts dept, sales etc.).

So what are the effects of blame on the individual. Blame kills people, through stress, illness, depression and negative feeling it is a killer. When you hand your power away to others you are out of control.

Can we change?

The question is not, can we change; we can all change. The question is do we wish to change?

Anybody can give up a negative belief system such as blame, but only if they truly wish to. Some individuals and organisations will continue to wallow in self pity until it buries them.

They are a great many organisations willing to help those who are ready.

Any organisations which are ready for this change must make a conscious decision to involve everyone in the process. They must also fully understand what change will occur. This is the only way to see the massive benefits to both individuals and organisations.

Individuals may benefit through reading many or the quality book written on change and personal development, or personally experience change via the interactivity of live programmes or powerful internet based programmes.

Empowerment and enlightenment achieved through a good programme will deliver a multitude of positive and progressive benefits to the individual, organisation and society as a whole.

Are you ready?

Written by John Mitchell, Professional Life & Power Coach and creator of the online life change programme Lifeline web address

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