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The United States founded, financed, and developed the internet and continues to fund it. So far it has remained tax-free, some would like to change that.





Some UN member countries,Guest Posting notably China, Syria, Brazil and Ghana, not exactly our staunchest friends are involved in a movement to have the UN take over the Internet. They are already discussing taxing it.

Even if it was a good idea to change management, I can’t think of anything more appalling than turning it over to the most corrupt and inept organization on the face of this earth.

President Bush is opposed to any turnover. How our representatives in congress feel is not known at this moment, but you can be sure there are some that will agree to give it away. Remember we still have some of the ilk that gave away the Panama Canal, which was minor compared to this issue. Keep your attention focused on them and if you find any leaning in that direction be sure to voice your objections.

This is a very crucial matter that cannot be ignored. We do have to take into consideration the rest of the world. If we don’t some country like China might institute a separate internet. This could result in a fragmented Internet which could have catastrophic consequences, such as two computers finding different web sites at the same address, or some other other dire results..

Spam is one of the big issues for all countries and it’s a major problem, but turning the Internet over to the UN won’t solve it. If the UN wishes to help solve these problems, fine bring it up for discussion in the General Assembly.

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