Breast Implants and Flying

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Are you planning to get your breast implants in an exotic location? Plan a week of recovery before flying home.

You have finally scheduled your surgery to receive breast implants. Instead of going the traditional route and having the surgery done by a local cosmetic surgeon,Guest Posting you have decided to have the augmentation procedure performed by a surgeon in a coastal town. You are making a vacation out of your surgery and want nothing more than to relax by the beach as your sutures heal.

A lot of women who undergo cosmetic surgery choose to have the procedure performed in a state other than their home state. They figure if they have to take the time off why not go somewhere warm, tropical or a little exotic? Plenty of surgeons make their living by offering surgeries in resort towns. Clients can get away, get the surgery of their dreams and have a dream vacation to boot.

Going to a resort locale is a good fit with augmentative surgery. After the surgery is over, patients are told to relax, do no heavy lifting and to stay off their feet. Cosmetic surgeons are very strict in the types of recovery situations they enforce. Not following the directions of your doctor or surgeon could cause severe complications. Doctors do not want to see a patient back in their office with infected sutures or worse.

That is why most doctors and surgeons will also suggest not flying for at least a week after receiving breast implants. First of all there is the heavy lifting of luggage involved. There is also an increased chance of blood clotting in the legs. Because of the change in air pressure put on the body while the plane is landing and taking off, as well as suspended 30,000 feet above the earth, a doctor suggests not traveling by plane.

The ideal situation would be taking enough time off that you can spend the week following your surgery relaxing at the resort of your choice before traveling back home by airplane. When you schedule your time off for your surgery just keep that schedule in mind. Give yourself a day to get to your resort hotel, check in and get settled. The surgery can be the following morning and then you will have the remainder of the week and weekend for recovery.

Again, it is extremely important that you follow the advice of your doctor and surgeon when it comes to your breast implants recovery time. These aren't arbitrary instructions meant to make your life difficult. These are instructions that are meant to keep you healthy and to have as few complications as possible. Not only can you complicate the results of your surgery by not following the recovery instructions exactly, you could seriously jeopardize your health.

If you are interested in scheduling surgery for breast implants at a far-off location, be sure to talk with your cosmetic surgeon beforehand so you can get the specifics about the recovery. Once you have those, book your flight with confidence.

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