Can sex in the last days of pregnancy cause labor pain?

Sep 16


Dr. amit

Dr. amit

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Sex can trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that helps with contractions.


There are many theories about sex and labor pain,Can sex in the last days of pregnancy cause labor pain? Articles but not much scientific research has been done in this regard. Many people feel that sex in the last week of pregnancy can trigger labor pain and it is a good way to start labor early. However, experts do not completely agree with this.


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Can sex really trigger labor pain?


Some people believe a deep connection between sex and labor pain. There is some logic behind this as orgasm stimulates the uterus and during this time the hormone oxytocin is released which increases contractions for labor. Also, the sperms make labor easier by softening the opening of the cervix. However, there is no scientific basis for the relationship between sex and labor pain. But there is no problem in having sex till the last days of pregnancy unless the doctor tells to abstain from it. Even if all is well, sex can be done before the start of labor, that is, until the water break.


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Can orgasm cause labor pain?


According to one theory, sex can help with labor pain, but couples who want to become parents have to understand that there is no scientific basis for this, only some theory. Know about some such theory-


The orgasm during sex stimulates the uterus and accelerates its work.

Sex can trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that helps with contractions.

The semen is all set to soften the neck of the uterus and open it when labor begins. Semen has high prostaglandin. It is a kind of chemical that relaxes the muscles.


Is sex safe to start labor pains?


Although there has been very little study or research regarding sex and labor pain, but according to experts, sex can be done in pregnancy as long as there is no water break, but it is not safe to have sex after water break, because There is a risk of infection due to this. Also if your placenta is low or you have a problem of vaginal bleeding.


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When can labor start with sex?


According to the researchers, in a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy, sex and orgasm do not trigger labor until a full week of pregnancy has passed or the due date has passed.


Is it risky to have sex in the last week of pregnancy?


Are you worried about whether sex in the last weeks of pregnancy can lead to early labor? So let us tell you that experts believe that contractions after orgasm are not a sign of labor, as long as your body is ready for it. If you have been forbidden sex during pregnancy for some reason like preterm labor, problems with placenta, etc., then the doctor can advise you about this in advance. However, if in the last week you have a desire for sex and the doctor gives you a green signal for this, then you can enjoy sex without any worries.


Is there any best sex position to start labor pain?


There is a lack of research in the relationship between sex and labor pain, so it cannot be said which sex position is best to start labor pain.


However, if all is normal then you can enjoy sex during this time and enjoy intimate moments in whatever position you feel comfortable in. Generally, these sex positions are considered safe in pregnancy - sex from behind, seated pregnancy sex, woman on top, standing position, reverse cowgirl, spooning position, cowgirl position. During this, foreplay and nipple stimulation can also be done. According to experts, nipple stimulation helps in starting labor.



How effective are natural ways to start labor?


You must also have heard from the mouths of many women that drinking ghee or eating pineapple in the last week of pregnancy starts labor early, but how much truth is there in these natural methods? Come on, let's know.


castor oil

Many people believe that drinking castor oil helps in early labor in the last days of pregnancy, as castor oil is a laxative that causes contractions in the uterus. Although doctors believe that drinking castor oil does not cause labor, but diarrhea can definitely happen. It has also been proved from many studies that women who consume castor oil do not start labor sooner than women who do not do so.



Some people feel that exercising more in the last days of pregnancy can cause labor pain to start early, although doctors do not recommend it. Normal exercise is always recommended during pregnancy. As far as labor is concerned, till now no such exercise is known about which will start labor early.


Acupuncture and pressure

There is no evidence in general studies that massages such as acupuncture or pressure trigger labor early. That's why doctors never give you any such advice.



Pineapple contains enzymes called bromelain, which cause contractions by softening the cervix. The amount of bromelain in one pineapple is very low, so you will have to eat a lot of pineapple and obviously it will not be good for your stomach. However, there is no evidence to prove this theory correct. Although you can enjoy this fruit in small amounts, overeating can lead to heartburn.



Some people recommend eating dates, according to them, eating dates a few weeks before the due date makes it easier for the uterus to open. However, there is no scientific basis for this.


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Herbal Remedies

Raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil are said to prepare the uterus for labor. However, some studies in this regard do not consider this to be true. Therefore, doctors recommend avoiding the use of these things during pregnancy.


Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation leads to the release of the hormone oxytocin. This causes the uterus to contract and then return to the normal size of the uterus (called "involution"). This is the reason why women who breastfeed have a lot of bleeding for a short period of time as compared to bottle-fed women. Nipple stimulation is a contraction in the uterus during pregnancy, but it does not help to start labor early. Not only this, it can prolong the contraction which can be harmful for the fetus.


Spice food

Even though some people ask you to eat a lot of chili-spicy food for early labor, but do not blindly believe their words, because it can spoil your digestion system. And unlike castor oil, it doesn't really help start labor. Not only this, spicy food can cause heartburn problem.


Symptoms of labor pain


Many women are worried about how they will know that labor pain has started, because there are many contractions in the uterus in the last days of pregnancy, but this contraction is not necessarily a sign of labor pain. Generally, labor pain can start anytime between the 37th week to the 40th week of pregnancy. If a woman does not have a delivery even after the 40th week, then delivery is done by artificially introducing labor pain, which is called induced labor. Some of the signs of labor pain include-


Baby coming down- When the time of delivery is near, the baby starts moving towards the pelvic area present in the lower part of the womb. This will make you feel light in your stomach and chest. This can happen shortly before labor pains start.


Strong contractions- If you are having strong contractions in the uterus and it keeps happening continuously, then understand that the delivery is going to happen soon. Contractions are a sign of the onset of labor pain. It starts with a slow contraction in the beginning and then a rapid contraction. By the way, pregnant women may also feel contractions a few days before the start of labor pain, which is called prodromal labor. However, this contraction lasts for some time and then gets better. This is called false labor pain.


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Back Pain and Pelvic Pressure – When the baby comes down, you will feel constant pressure in the pelvic area and there will be pain in the back due to the stretch in the pelvic ligament.


Water break- If watery fluid starts coming out continuously from the vagina, it means that the amniotic sac has ruptured. If this happens, understand that the time of delivery is near and you need to go to the hospital immediately.


Frequent urination- As the delivery time approaches, there is pressure on the pelvis, due to which you have to urinate frequently. If she runs to the bathroom every 10 minutes, it's time for your baby to arrive.


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