Choosing the Best Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

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If you find out that you have a condition that can affect men with embarrassing bumps on the penis, you will need to decide what to do. A doctor should be able to give you the best recommendation for pearly penile papules treatment.

If you discover bumps on your penis that cause you some discomfort both physically and mentally,Guest Posting then you will want to go to your doctor. Your doctor may tell you that you need pearly penile papules treatment. There are a few different treatments available for this condition. You can read about them here and ask your doctor what one might work the best for your problem.

Cryotherapy as a pearly penile papules treatment is probably one of the least frightening methods of removal. The name of it does not sound cheerful, but freezing something off always sounds better than cutting or burning. With this method of removal, there may be a burning sensation as the liquid nitrogen used is so cold that it could feel hot. It will not always work, but when it does, the bump should slough off in some way.

Excisional surgery is probably the worst of the treatments for this condition. This option is one where the bumps are actually cut out along with some of the skin in the area that is not affected. With this removal, stitches are needed. The only pain you will have during the procedure should come from the local anesthetic.

A fairly successful pearly penile papules treatment is electrodessication with curettage. It sounds the most frightening of all of them, but really with the anesthetic, it may be the most affective. The bumps are scraped off after they are numbed. After that part is done, the area is cauterized.

The CO2 laser ablation is a method of removal that can take up to two weeks for recovery. It can be painful. To help the pain, numbing is done using a numbing cream and lidocaine. The laser gets rid of the bumps, but you can expect some scabbing, swelling, and pain after this method is done.

None of these methods sound like a happy time, but pearly penile papules treatment is what you need to consider if you want to get rid of them. If you are unsure of what exactly your problem is, do not let it go. You should see your doctor. If you have any type of lesion on your body, it is important to have it checked, because it may not be what you think. If you go to your doctor and he or she is unable to tell you what your problem is for sure, then you may be referred elsewhere to a skin doctor or other doctor who would know more about the possible problem.

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