Gynecomastia: Solutions for This Common Condition

Jan 6


Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

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Gynecomastia could make some men feel self-conscious about their bodies. Consider visiting a doctor for options that could help.

Gynecomastia is a condition in which a man's chest closely resembles a woman's breast. Children can also have incidents of this condition. Doctors think that men who suffer from this condition could be caused by genetics. People who are on dialysis or men who do not have an adequate supply of testosterone could also experience this condition. In some cases medication can result in gynecomastia. A man can have surgery to have this condition corrected.

The condition could impact either one breast or both breasts,Gynecomastia: Solutions for This Common Condition Articles and a doctor will ask you if you have experienced the condition one or in both of your breasts. He or she will also ask you how long you have experienced the condition. The doctor would want to know when you first noticed that you have had the problem. The doctor will examine the breasts, sometimes giving the person a mammogram or tests to determine the reason for the condition. There are several medications that could also cause the condition. If medication is causing the condition, for example, the doctor might be able to reduce the dosage or exchange the medication for a different one. In some cases, the condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance. There are tests that the doctor could use to determine if a man has lower levels of testosterone, which might be causing the problem.

Surgery to reduce the breasts could also be an option. Although breast reduction surgery is most commonly associated women, men who have gynecomastia might have the surgery, particularly if the condition persists or will not be resolved through other methods. Men who have been obese and have fat in their breast area could be candidates for breast reduction surgery. Sometimes gynecomastia is evident in young men who are experiencing puberty. In those cases, the doctor might suggest that the patient sees if the condition resolves itself after puberty is over.

Men who decide to have breast reduction surgery might want to seek a doctor who has experience in working with men. Although other doctors who have performed breast reduction surgery with women can also perform the operation on women, a man might feel more comfortable discussing the condition and having it treated by a doctor who is accustomed in making men feel at ease. The doctor could explain how he or she will proceed with the surgery.

The doctor will discuss the recovery process with the male so that he can expect swelling and tenderness following the procedure. Breast reduction surgery can provide men with larger breasts have an improved quality of life. The men will likely feel more confident with their bodies when the area is healed and the swelling has subsided. Men who have always had larger breasts might feel dramatically different, or more positive about their appearance following the surgery. A doctor will recommend the best course action that an individual should take once the patient has been diagnosed with this condition. It is important to choose a doctor who is well qualified and experienced enough to complete related treatments.

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