How Nutrition Counseling With Health Loft Helped My Metabolism

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Read how nutrition counselling from Health Loft can help in having a metabolism

You know those people who can eat mountains of food and still not put on any weight. All those people who shake their head in disbelief when you tell them how hard it is to lose weight; who reply back by telling you that,Guest Posting in fact, it was harder to put on weight. You envy and doubt them in equal measure but believe me they are not lying and they envy you even more. I know this because I am one of them.

Metabolically cursed

Ever since I can remember I have been slim. This is not because I have been adhering to the advice of any nutritionist or a registered dietitian or undergoing nutrition counseling. Till I entered my 20s I would count this as a blessing but over the last few years my metabolic powers have turned out to be a curse.

Like most of my friends, I took to the gymnasium. Within the span of a few weeks, I saw massive gains in strength and size. Bolstered by this development, I stuck to a consistent routine. I maintained the same eating regimen, devouring plates of food but continually tweaked my routine every few days to respond to my changing body. My body kept changing rapidly until a few months in it plateaued.

I noticed that my other friends and gym mates continued to swell but I remained at my new normal. Recklessly optimistic, as are all young adults, I stayed in denial and like a horse with blinders, I did not alter my path. I continued the same workout routine. I pushed and pulled harder, I worked out longer but it remained the same. Nothing changed, in hindsight, because I refused to change.

Muscles are made in the kitchen

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, Einstein had once famously remarked. I had been insane in my blind pursuit of gains and this became apparent to me when I stumbled upon a Youtube video. A certified trainer and nutritionist talked about nutrition counseling and diet.

He said that muscles are not made in the gym, they are broken in the gym. Muscles are built in the kitchen and on the bed. I had been sleeping well and eating well, I thought to myself. That belief, however, broke down quicker than my quadriceps after a leg workout as I watched the entire video.

I had been sleeping well all right but I had not eating well ate all. I had been eating anything and everything that came my way and that was not going to cut it. I needed an eating plan that could supplement my workout plan. I was overwhelmed at the prospect of planning my meals until I came across Health Loft.

Nutrition is more than the quantum of food

I was apprehensive and doubtful about approaching a registered dietitian and seeking nutrition counseling but the customer comments and reviews allayed my fear enough to book my first session. The first session shredded the remaining doubts to bits.

That first session was with Morgan, a registered nutritionist at Health Loft. We discussed my daily diet, lifestyle and other related factors. She patiently listened to my concerns and took into account my schedule and food preferences. Morgan provided constructive feedback on my current diet and told me that would could dive deeper into the same over the next few sessions.

It was her knowledge and the customer care offered by Healthloft that had me coming back for more. Over the next few sessions, we planned my daily meals and discussed preparation methods that would ensure that I not only hit my calorie goals but also nutritional ones.

What really impressed me about my sessions was the level of expertise and the depth of understanding which made the nutrition counseling sessions highly personal and effective. Morgan helped me understand that when it comes to nutrition, there is much more than intake at play.

I had been eating plenty even before the nutritionist’s advice but I wasn’t digesting it well because I was eating all the wrong things and at the wrong time and in the wrong manner. I was doing the right thing in all the wrong ways. Healthloft not only showed me the right way but helped me walk on it as well. And today my physique speaks for itself.


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