Need Help Talking To Your Doctor Part II

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Learn more valuable tips to maximize communication with your doctor during your next doctor's appointment.

In an earlier article,Guest Posting we discussed ways to organize your thinking to prepare for a doctor's visit. Our first point outlined the benefits of careful preparation days and weeks before your doctor's visit.

Now, in our upcoming second point, let's discuss ways to organize your current medications being taken as well as natural supplements:

Second. ) Write out a list of all your current medications; if you ran out of meds write the last day you took your pills.

For example:

Zestril 10mg 7 am (ran out 2/21) Zantac 150 mg 7 am, 5pmSo if your blood pressure reading is quite high when you come in, chances are it is due to being off your Zestril for over one monthThird.) List any and all side effects you have been experiencing from your medication and when those side effects started:

For example:

Zoloft 100mg AM (bad diarrhea first 2 weeks, gone now)Don’t worry if you are not sure if your symptoms are side effects, the important thing is to make sure you remember to talk to your doctor about it, and be sure to WRITE IT DOWN and share it with your doctorFor example: “my hands seem to be shaking more lately, I’m not sure it’s from my medicine or something else is going on.”Fourth.) List any and all natural therapies you are taking.

Over the years, many of my patients have embarked on natural modalities. While many patients are extremely well versed in natural products and services, up until recently, conventional doctors have not been trained in their use, and have been discouraged from acknowledging them or discussing them with patients.

In fact, today we still live in a world of 2 entirely separate worlds of health care- the conventional, consisting of medications and surgeries, and the natural, more holistic modalities.

And remember, natural supplements or modalities cannot claim to cure, treat or mitigate disease. This was due to so many “quacks” selling “snake oil".

However, we are becoming much more savvy in terms of natural health. More natural health products and services are becoming accepted by the mainstream medical community. Research on natural health products and services is starting to increase. There is a greater awareness that natural health and the principles of prevention are here to stay.

But when you see your doctor, resist the urge to say that some particular product “cured" your illness- you cannot say that, and your doctor certainly can’t claim that. Instead, it is better to say-“Doctor I feel wonderful since I have been taking so and so…and leave it at that.

5.) Be aware of any drug-drug interactions or any drug- herb interactions. Pharmacies are a good resource to ask about drug-herb or other supplement interactions.

Discuss these matters with your doctor and pharmacist as well. The more of us talking about these important health matters, the better it is for us all!I hope you are learning that the more proactive you are in your state of health, the more you will get out of your doctor visits. Certainly the better your health will be and the better you will feel.

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