Plastic Surgery - The Recovery Process

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It doesn't matter why you've chosen plastic surgery. You've just got to make sure that you follow your doctor's orders concerning recovery so that you can be back to your normal routine and enjoying your new look in no time.

It does not matter why you undergo plastic surgery. Perhaps you were the victim of a house fire and need reconstruction of the face and arms. Or maybe you were born with a horrible birth defect and wish to have it removed. Maybe you simply don't like the look of your body and you want to change it. Whatever the reason,Guest Posting it is your decision to make. If you decide to proceed with the surgery, you should be aware that recovery time is going to be lengthy and that it will not be easy. It will, however, be worth it.

The first thing you can do is apply ice to the affected area. This is especially important if your plastic surgery took place on the face or nose. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how long to apply ice and at what intervals. Ice will reduce swelling and speed up recovery time.

You're going to want to plan your recovery time. Don't plan your hospital visit for when you are already going to be embroiled in some high-level conference at work or your child is going to be graduating. Be prepared to spend time in bed relaxing. This might be a good time to make use of those vacation days that you've been saving up.

Another tip would be to not expect too much. You're probably going to be looking a little worse before you look better. There will be swelling immediately after your procedure and it won't begin to go down for a few days, at least. Once the swelling decreases, you can expect your new look to begin to emerge. Just don't expect to take any photos before the swelling decreases.

After the plastic surgery, your doctor will prescribe some pain medication. You should only take this in the recommended dosage. It is all too easy to become addicted to pain medicine. Don't take some just because the pain is slight. If it becomes severe, however, you should take some. The less you take, the easier it will be to wean yourself off of it.

As far as pain goes, you're going to be pretty out of it right after the end of the procedure. It is a good idea to have someone with you for about 48 to 72 hours immediately following to help you with anything you need and bring you breakfast in bed. Not having to do everything yourself will also bring you peace of mind and help speed the recovery process as you will have someone help you ease back into your daily routine.

Finally, make sure to drink a lot of fluids. The procedure will drain you of much of your fluids and so you will need to replenish them. Keep a lot of water on hand at all times and within easy reach. If you pay attention to your doctor when he describes your recovery period and make sure that you follow his directions, you should be back on your feet and enjoying your new look in no time flat.

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