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Locating affordable health care for Americans is not as easy as it used to be. Whilst increased premiums are part of the reason,Guest Posting many employers are reducing the level of cover due to budgetary cutbacks. It is because I am one of the many affected by this that I know because prior to this year my companys health care package was really good. My employers excuse was it was getting to expensive with the current company and was going to switch to a less expensive one.Unfortunately, the old system did not benefit everyone in the company but the new one would, it was claimed. I am told that the new insurance package is still very good and I am lucky to have it. I don not mind other workers benefiting but it costs me more now, almost twice as much more to have my family covered in the plan. This means, that for my company to provide a health plan to all of the employees, it is no longer affordable for us. To be honest, I got on well with the old provider but cannot see that happening here even if the health care plan is half decent. The new affordable health care plan initiated by my company meant that certain workers found themselves a lot worse off financially with additional co-pays and expenses. It makes more sense when you realize just how good the old policy was because I did not pay cent when I stayed in hospital 2 years ago giving birth to my daughter. Compare this to the new health care plan and I would be out of pocket by over 4,000 dollars.This figure does not take into account additional amounts I must pay out of my salary. Luckily there are more and more affordable health care programs being created to help those that do not have any coverage. Those less fortunate can now get free health care more readily and workers without health care are able to join special schemes. In principle, these plans are a good thing but there are always those that misuse it making the situation difficult for genuine cases.Those programs should be for struggling families who are taking steps to better their futures, not for people who have no motivation and live off of the state systems and affordable health care programs. We often forget who is ultimately paying for these schemes; us, the taxpayer. My employer definitely found advantages in finding a lower cost health plan provider for their employees! Many of the workers found themselves subsidizing the companys desire to save money yet still provide a scheme by ensuring that they paid in their paychecks. In the long term we really need to do something in America to help those in need find affordable health care.

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