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Ah....losing weight, what an exhaustive topic! There are a million weight loss diets and exercise programs out there to choose from. But not one of them will work without the key ingredient....Motivation. Find out why Motivation and inspiration are the most important issues when it comes to losing weight.

You've decided it's time to take off those extra pounds. It doesn't really matter how they got there,Guest Posting or why you want them gone now. It's just time. Most people make the commitment to lose weight twice a year, once around the New Year, and again as summer approaches. Most people are not successful. Why? Because they lack weight loss motivation. It is nearly impossible to lose weight or accomplish any big goal, without proper and on-going motivation.

So, where does weight loss motivation come from?

First and foremost, it must come from within. Deciding to lose weight because your partner wants you to, or because you want to look like Beyonce or Matthew McConaughey is fine, except it probably won't work too well. Your weight loss motivation must start with you. Your reason for losing weight must be that you sincerely want to do this for yourself. Once you've established this, you need to add healthy motivators to your arsenal.

Here are some ways to find motivation and inspiration:

Make your weight loss goals attainable.

If you need to lose 100 lbs, you are not going to do it in a month, regardless of what the infomercials tell you. But if your goal is to lose 8 to 10 lbs a month resulting in losing the whole 100 lbs in about a year, that's very realistic and you will find it much easier to attain weight loss success.

Use visualization as a tool.

Visualization is a wonderful inspirational tool that can help you achieve any type of goal, not just weight loss. Every day when you wake up, take time to close your eyes and create a mental image of yourself as you lose weight. How will you look in one month? How will you look in six months? In a year? Take time to see all the details. The size tags on your clothes, the bathing suit you will be able to wear, and the tailored suit or fitted dress. You can do this by writing the details in a journal as well.

Adopt the healthy habits of people who are at the weight and fitness level you admire (within reason of course).

Matthew McConaughey and Beyonce probably each workout for several hours every week. That may not be realistic for you. But you can still increase your exercise and employ eating habits that are healthy. Maybe you don't want to give up the sugary treats and get on the treadmill. But it is a simple fact that slim people are slim because they get more exercise and eat healthier. Emulate those good slim habits.

Joining a weight loss group.

Joining a weight loss group is a fantastic way to get plenty of weight loss inspiration. You can share triumphs and you can also give each other moral support. You will hear of other's weight loss successes and gain inspiration from them. Weight loss groups can be the kind where you attend regular meetings or they can be virtual groups that you join online.

Join a gym.

For some, spending the money on a gym membership is enough motivation to go and workout on a regular basis. If you want to join a gym, make sure you make use of the membership. Cardio and strength training are one of the best ways to lose weight and get in great shape. Besides, you can see others at all levels of fitness at the gym from beginner to advanced. It's inspiring to see all those other people working to accomplish the same goals that you have.

Other ways to stay inspired and motivated.

Other ways to keep yourself inspired and motivated might include having a friend to exercise with so that when one of you is feeling lazy, the other can be the motivator. You can also place photos of yourself when you were slim where you can see them every day. If you were never slim, find a nice photo of someone who is and put it on the refrigerator or in another conspicuous spot. Other ways to self-motivate could be to keep a journal of how you are feeling, what you are eating, and what kinds of exercise you've done each day. Make sure that when you accomplish a goal, whether it's one pound or one jeans size that you give yourself the credit you deserve for sticking to it.

The process of losing weight can be an inspiring experience when you see that you have the power to creatively find motivation and change your life. Once you decide that you want to lose weight for your own sake, you're on the right path. Remember that weight loss inspiration and motivation begins with you. Find the techniques that work best for you, and remember to honor your successes. Good luck!

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