Reasons Why Brass Chain Is a Popular Choice

Dec 19


Sanjana Antony

Sanjana Antony

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With increasing prices of gold, artisans are looking for alternatives. Brass chains are the therefore getting popular.


Nearly all kinds of people are drawn to using brass chains for their jewelry pieces, Reasons Why Brass Chain Is a Popular Choice Articles which have become a fashion trend in the present age. When you are into jewelry making whether as a hobby or business, you use different materials in creating a piece.  You will need lots of beads, findings and different metals.  Among the various precious and semi- precious metals available in the market today, brass chains are most often used for necklaces and bracelets. Some other products that are made of brass include brooches, pendants, key chains, door knobs and lighting fixtures. Many of these things can be given as presents whether there is an occasion or not.


Brass chains are very popular, as already mentioned above and they are sometimes more popular than precious metals like silver or gold. However, have you known the reason for their popularity?  Are you not wondering why this metal has become the favorite of many people to use in their jewelry articles?  Well, let me tell you about those 2 reasons.  First, this metal is cheaper than gold or silver.  Secondly, the color of brass is yellow, which makes the metal look similar to gold.


Since I mentioned only 2 reasons for the popularity of brass, I should say sorry, because there is a third.  Brass is a very flexible metal, so you can mold it very easily.  You can easily and conveniently shape it into any design or pattern because of its flexibility.


Brass chains started to get noticed by jewelry artisans during the times when they were looking out for a cheaper alternative to gold. Once they found a great potential in brass, the metal became a popular material for chains and other jewelry components. Brass chains are now available in many designs, sizes and shapes according to buyers and designers preferences. The chains have a unique appearance because of its sparkling  finish and you can use them with or without pendants as you desire.


Known for their vintage look, brass chains look very much like the chains made in the past, which used only pure gold.  Today, however, more and more designers are adding embellishments to their projects because they want their product to have a contemporary or ultra modern effect.


If you own some brass chains, whether bracelets or necklaces, you should not worry about maintaining their brand-new look.  It is only a matter of taking good care of your pieces.  Store them in proper places when not in use, or use only mild soap and warm water when they need some washing. There are often caring instructions on labels of brass chains and these should be followed, so you can give your jewelry the best possible care.


You can buy brass chains wherever other metal chains are sold in jewelry stores, your local craft shops and online. Buying from online shops can be very cost effective, as it is there where you can find the best prices and the best deals. You need to search for the best supplier of brass chains that you need, though.