Is Orthopedic Mattress a hype?

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There are many types of mattresses available in the market from spring, memory foam to hybrid and even orthopedic. Sleepers get a lot of options these days than they used to get in the past. Some brands use high-quality material to provide the best to the customers. Buy the best ortho mattress that will meet all the requirements. For more info visit

There are many types of mattresses available in the market from spring,Guest Posting memory foam to hybrid and even orthopedic. Sleepers get a lot of options these days than they used to get in the past.

In past decades, orthopedic mattresses have become very popular.  Given the lifestyle of people these days, with all the health issues at the rise such as backache, neck pain and stress. The experts understood the problems and designed orthopedic mattresses that offer a much smoother surface providing support for joints and back. These were first introduced in the 1950s and have become one of the best mattresses in the world.

These were engineered specially to address people suffering from spinal and back problems. However, over the years, these have become more than reducing pain and aches.


Posture: Unlike other mattresses, these prevent the body from sinking when sleeping and promoting a good posture.  Moreover, the benefits include reduced stress and strain on the spine as well as energy levels are also increased in the day.

Support: Provides optimal support to all the pressure points reducing the potential of any pain in necks, back and hips. It evenly distributes the weight of the body providing accurate support including spinal which is one of the many benefits as compared to its counterparts.

Restful Sleep: Finding the best spot on this mattress won’t be an issue as these as it is with a regular mattress. Since it is known to reduce the pressure points offering relief from pains and aches, restful and uninterrupted sleep is assured.

Material: Another important feature about this mattress is its material which makes it stand apart from pocket spring and memory foam mattress.  It doesn’t bounce like a pocket spring mattress or sink similar to a memory foam mattress.

Durability: Usually, mattresses have a long life and this has too.  In the longer run, these mattresses are much more durable than its spring counterpart that doesn’t last long.

Comfort: It offers maximum comfort. One can sleep alone or together, it won’t make noise when the other person is taking frequent bathroom breaks in the night. Both individuals can sleep without any discomfort.

There are not many cons as such but some might find the mattress to be bulky in case they want to move it to another room or flip it. People who like sleeping on a soft mattress may not like this mattress. It’s subjective in this regard and some are loyal to their preferences. Otherwise, proven the benefits. It would suit anyone who’s willing to try to many doctors recommend it.

Orthopedic  Vs Memory Foam

Interestingly, memory foam was introduced by NASA to protect passengers and pilots of airplanes in the 1970s. Soon it became popular in the 90’s but initially few issues were detected such as it had the tendency to sleep hot (didn’t dissipate the body heat) and sinking feeling was there. These problems were fixed later on. These do offer some support to pressure joints and spine to an extent. People who are suffering from unbearable back pain or aches, orthopedic is the right choice and it is recommended by chiropractors as well. 


Finding a luxury mattress brand in India for buying an orthopedic mattress is not at all difficult. One of the best mattress brands in India is Eclipse International. It was established in 1905 with the purpose to provide the best mattresses to the customers by Sam and Max Weisglass. These two migrated to New York City in the 1890s from Ukraine to pursue their dream.  With over 100 years of old legacy, the brand is based on three principles of quality, tradition and fine craftsmanship. These principles are followed even today.

Since its inception, the brand has come a far way. What sets this company apart is their commitment to offering the best mattresses that are designed with a unique combination of old-world traditions with innovative technologies. Moreover, years have been spent in research and development perfecting the design. All the mattresses offer a minimum of 5 years of warranty.

Orthopedic Mattress by Eclipse

Its orthopedic mattress is also a result of years of research and the experts came up with a solution and introduced the most advanced firm mattress that achieves a balance between comfort and support.  Made with PUF, these are quilted with plush and soft fabric to provide enhanced lumbar support. Unlike other mattresses, these adjust easily to the natural shape of the spine.


With many options available in the market, orthopedic mattresses could be a suitable fit for those who are suffering from chronic back pain or aches and don’t have a healthy lifestyle. As compared to its spring or memory foam mattresses, these are much more efficient in terms of support, breath ability and reducing the stress. Do consult a doctor while scouting the options, after all, health should be of the utmost priority. However, not every mattress is an ortho one, be careful and search properly before buying.

Also, some people may find it costlier than others and one must think it’s an investment that could last for good 10-15 years easily. Some brands use high-quality material to provide the best to the customers. Buy the best ortho mattress that will meet all the requirements.

Brand Description: Since 1905, Eclipse International has been providing quality mattresses to improve sleep quality and reduce neck & back pain. Committed to offering the best sleeping experience to its customers, the company implements some of the most advanced technologies. The brand has come a far way marking its presence in many countries.

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