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Can you really be making money taking surveys online?  Yes, you can.  However, making money taking surveys is not necessarily going to make you rich.  As a nice bit of side money or a way to earn some gifts, you can find some surveys that will offer a little extra cash each month.

There are some companies out there advertising how easy it is to begin making money taking surveys online.  They tell you that you will be able to retire from your job and become rich.  However,Guest Posting that is not usually the case.  Most people making money taking surveys are averaging between $200 and $300 per month.  Not necessarily enough to let you retire, but definitely some extra pocket money.

What is the average amount you will get when you are making money taking surveys?  Well, companies will pay you between $1 and $20 per survey.  It is really rare that you will make the $60 to $200 per survey that some companies claim.  If you  are looking for making money taking surveys in that range, you will be in for a surprise.  Most sites will be able to offer you between 1 to 4 surveys per month.

One of the greatest factors in making money taking surveys is where you live.  People in the U.S. and Canada are making money taking surveys more than people in other countries.  Why are people in North America making money taking surveys while other countries struggle to find the surveys?  The reason is that most of the market research survey companies are located in the U.S. and Canada.  Still, there is no reason you cannot start making money taking surveys even if you live in another country.

While not every company will help you in making money taking surveys, some will offer you prizes or points for taking surveys.  In some cases your survey efforts will put you in a pool to win a prize.  In other cases, you can accumulate points to redeem for gifts or money.  In the end, you may not be making money taking surveys, but you can earn some nice things.

However, if you are interested in making money taking surveys, you should be careful of companies that want you to pay to get access to the surveys.  In many cases, some of these companies will ask you to pay and then give you the websites to some of the prominent online survey companies.  Instead, there are a number of survey companies like SurveySavvy and Greenfield online that allow you to register for free.  Why pay to begin making money taking surveys when you can find these companies for free?

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