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This article is specifically written for stay at home moms who are looking to supplement their income by starting a home-based business.

Many times,Guest Posting moms stay home in order to raise their children and in many cases these same moms have college degrees and even a few years of work experience. This situation is ripe for a mom to start a work at home business.

The question always comes up, great, start an internet business, wonderful. But just what am I going to sell? Good question, before we answer this question let us get out a piece of paper and a pen and draw a line from the top of the page starting in the middle and draw a line to the bottom of the page. What are we doing? We are dividing the page in two sections. In the left section, write service businesses and in the right section, write product businesses. Now we are going to brainstorm. Starting in the left section under service businesses we are going to write down all the skills we possess that we think can be turned into a service business. Here are some ideas;

I am good at writing I am very creative I am great at being organized I am an awesome cook

Now in the right section we will do the same exercise, here are some ideas;

I can make quilts I can paint children pictures I know a lot about furniture polish I have experience selling beauty products

Now that you have just a few ideas, you are in a great position to begin researching whether you will sell a service or a product. Starting at the top, if you are a great writer, you could write business letters for small business owners across the country who are not in a position to hire someone just to type out their important business correspondence.

How about if you are very organized could you consult other mothers on how to be more organized? Sure you can, let us now see about the other side of the page. So you know a lot about beauty products. You could start a work at home business by selling another companies products by just presenting them on a website and writing some advertising print and providing potential customers with your email or phone number to call and ask you questions. You can do the same with furniture polish, children toys or what would be a great wedding gift for a newly engaged couple.

The bottom line is that millions of people need help with just about everything under the sun, and you may either have the right skill or the right product knowledge to assist them. You just have to translate that into a business.

I hope that this article has been helpful in a little way and that it will inspire you to start your own business.

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