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Multi Level Marketing, Net Work Marketing or Internet Marketing is all part of the larger “Online Marketing” niche.  Marketing a product or service in any business is not an easy task. It requires total understanding of consumer behavior, their needs and demands and their likes and dislikes.

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MLM internet Marketing or MLM is perhaps the only on and off line business stream which can lead you to a successful, everlasting multi figure residual and leveraged income stream. Of course, like in any business or activity, the caveat is that the mlm script has to be implemented to the prescribed MLM formula.

Network marketing is one of those terms that one hears a lot, but which still happens to be shrouded in mystery. A lot of people with some time on their hands and the drive to engage their own entrepreneurial spirit simply don’t have a clear answer to the question, ‘what is MLM internet Marketing or MLM?’ 

So, what is network marketing? I could rephrase this and even ask, what is multilevel marketing? Or what is mlm formula. All terms refer to the same thing. Essentially, network or multilevel marketing is a form of product marketing where you not only generate a commission from the sales you personally generate, but you also have the liberty to recruit your own sales force and earn commission from whatever sales they generate, with or without any internet marketing promotion.

The process is a simple one and is best illustrated with an example. Say you have taken on the initiative to market a range of beauty products at a $50 commission for every direct sale you generate. However, you are also free to recruit people down the line. You have recruited another 20 people to market the same product, and you get a $5 commission from every sale they generate. Now, if you make 20 sales a week, you get a straight $1000 for your effort.

Wait, the best part is this: if each person in your team can also sell 20 products each, you get $100 from each person. Multiply it by 20, and you have $2000 right into your pocket every week! Even in this simple example you can see how easy it is to earn multiple amounts by simply recruiting a sales force and letting them do the work. You not only earn yourself but you also leverage the income from your down line. Believe you me, this is just an illustrative example – there are people out there earning ten times this amount! By repeating this proven mlm formula.

Now, we can extend the answer to the question, what is mlm internet marketing, with more clarity. Simply put, it is a wonderful opportunity to earn a serious amount of money. At the same time be the master of your own time and destiny, no more bosses! And lest I forget, it is also probably the best opportunity you will ever have of becoming a millionaire. Yes, that’s right! It’s not an exaggeration; network marketing is a proven and tested earning model.

The caution is that network marketing is not to be taken as a child’s play that you take as an option after failing everywhere else. It requires all the skills, strategies and efforts that any other income generating function requires. Remember, here you are not selling a product. People come to buy the product, convinced that your product has the solution to their problems, issues and question marks.

Attaining the position where people trust you, you advise and your product is not an easy play. You have to prove that you are the one. You have to display this through a tangible proof. The proof could be your published content in public domains, your ability to critique various products, systems and programs available in the market. But above all the proof that the existing authorities recognize you as an expert.

There is no age or time for learning. Any time is appropriate. Training on mlm systems is offered by a lot many online marketing consulting firms. However I recently found an excellent place to learn and improve my own MLM skills or to master the MLM system - My Lead System Pro or MLSP. Guys, this is an amazing place to sharpen your “Expert” tag on a fast track. I am simply overwhelmed at the huge learning resource stalked in their library. It is up to me to grab as much as I can. I will go a step further. MLSP offers an opportunity to “Learn and Earn”, they have infect, as I call it, given you various parts of network marketing building blocks, that you keep on putting in place to get your web sites, your links, and so on. That’s why I call it my mlm software free of glitches!

Money comes to those “Who Know How to Earn It”. Why wait any more.

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