Zapadeal Auctions: New Concept For New In-Demand Products

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Zapadeal Auctions are a one-of-a-kind 'new products' only, reverse and penny auction style of social interaction! Bidders register online to buy 'bid credits.' Every bid placed reduces the auction price 20 cents in the 'Down to Zero' auction and sends the price up one cent in the 'Penny' auctions. Bargains can be obtained in all types of auctions. 1. Register 2. Buy Bid Credits 3. Choose Auction Type 4. Choose Item 5.  Place Bids.

Not used,Guest Posting but new top name-brand products are normal at Zapadeal Auctions. Because they only deal in brand new products. The way the reverse auction works in the 'Down to Zero' and 'Buy Anytime' auction houses... means you are going to obtain your item... be it a new car,TV, or computer, at considerable price reductions or free! All products are in-demand type items from top manufacturers. Zapadeal are not the first with 'reverse auctions', but the are the first to combine the best available online methods to create a win-win-win situation for all parties. Basically you can't really compare any other online auction site with this new concept. Although you could say... 'look out eBay... serious opposition has arrived!'

How Zapadeal Auction Biding Works

All these new products are paid for by the purchase of 'bid credits.' When you register online, you create a username for yourself, so you can 'logon' to the auction site. The auction currency is in 'bid credits' which you can buy in packages from US$20 to US$500. Depending on the package size... bid credits are worth 50 cents to 66 cents.

Armed with your 'bid credits', which are shown on site... you can then select the type of auction, select an item you fancy and place your bids.

How Zapadeal Auction Houses Work

The styles of auctions are basically the 'reverse' auction and the 'penny' auction. Two examples of the reverse auction are the 'Down to Zero' and 'Buy Anytime' auctions. With the Down to Zero version... the price has to go to zero dollars. The price starts at normal retail price and each bid reduces the price by 20 cents. If you have the bid that takes the auction to $0... you're the winner. You then get the item for free,including free delivery. Your cost has been your 'bid credits.'

The 'Buy Anytime' auction requires a bit of skill to be successful. It simply means you click the buy button when the auction reaches a price you're happy to pay. However several people may have the same idea. Say you are prepared to pay $500 on a $1,000 item. So when the biding gets down to $500... you click 'buy'. When five other people do the same thing. Zapadeal have a secret formula to sort out the winner.

The 'Penny' auction sees each bid raise the price by one cent. This type of auction functions on a 10 or 5 second timer. That is if no one places another bid in 10 seconds from the last bid... the bidder holding the 'current bid' is the auction winner. These penny auctions can be fast, with many bidders wanting to be the 'current bidder.' You'll have the thrill of racing the clock and everyone else!

Zapadeal Auctions also have an 'automated wizard'... that can place bids for you. You set your top bid price and let the wizard take care of it. The 'wizard' works on all auction houses, but on the above example if you set the wizard to go up to $50 on a $100 item... you won't miss out on the 'timer'... and therefore you may 'burn-out' the other bidders at say... $70. Of course others will be doing the same... could be a lot of fun!

Zapadeal Gift Vouchers

This new innovation allows existing customers to gift a Zapadeal Voucher to another existing customer. In addition to that... at anytime you can 'transfer' bid credits to other customers. As well... you as a customer of Zapadeal can buy a gift voucher and have that... or the voucher code number sent to anyone with an email address. They also supply instructions on how to use the voucher. These are a great gift idea and also a way for Zapadeal to gain customers!

What To Do When You Win A Zapadeal Voucher

In most Zapadeal Auctions you can bid for and win a Voucher to a specific dollar value. You can then 'spend' this voucher at the 'online products store.' This way you can get the product you're after... if it is available at the 'store.' Zapadeal are international and spreading into new countries progressively. If you choose a product... it could be that... that product is supplied locally... regardless of what country you're in! These are 'new' products only, which often makes supply easier!

Zapadeal Business Opportunity

Zapadeal have done something that the other reverse auction sites haven't done. They have a business opportunity incorporated into the system. To buy bid credits as a customer only or become a business associate you have to 'register online.' When you ndo... it will show the username of the business associate who sponsors you. As a customer this is no big deal... your 'sponsor' earns a small commission on your purchase of bid credits. You need the bid credits to place bids. Learn More:

As a business associate you need to choose one out of three 'business packages.' They start at US$200.00 and include a heap of bid credits. This is a one-time requirement... as associates don't have to purchase every month. However only 'active' associates receive commission on bid credits sold online. The purchase of $20 of bid credits will keep business associates 'active.'

Summary: Everyone Wants In-Demand Products-Cheap!

Getting new top brand items cheaper than the cost of second-hand or used goods... has got to have a lot of appeal! With Zapadeal Auctions the purchase of bid credits... pays for the:

1. Cost of Product

2. Freight and Delivery

3. Zapadeals Running Costs & Profit.

Basically this style of auction employs the competive interaction nature of bidders. Everyone wants a bargain. It seems that at Zapadeal Auctions... you do get a bargain, but you can use your skill to get an extra good bargain! Because of this factor... the business opportunity is likely to be very lucrative as more and more people find out about Zapadeal Auctions! How long before other companies employ the same approach to selling new products? Learn More:

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