Bosch Logixx Washing Machines

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Bosh Logixx washing machines are premium models with large load capacities. This article looks at some of the features available in the Bosch Logixx range.

The 8kg and 10kg wash load capacities in Bosch Logixx washers means that larger loads can be done in fewer washes. The larger drums can also handle bigger items like rugs,Guest Posting blankets and duvets.Many of the washing machines in this range are rated as A class for energy efficiency. This is the best rating available under the EU award scheme, and is supported by HM Government. Some models go further and include A Plus Energy Efficiency which uses 10% less energy than A-class energy efficient products. All the washing machines in the Bosch Logixx range have A-rated wash performance and either A or B- rated spin drying class. Many of the appliances in this range also have a ‘very quiet’ operation to help keep the atmosphere in the kitchen as relaxed as possible and minimise the clatter.Apart from being energy efficient and environmentally friendly, there are also a few features and different programmes that could help to make laundry a little bit easier. Aqua Plus removes detergent residues but does so within the normal wash and rinse cycle. Another programme available in the Bosch Logixx range is the express wash system, which is ideal for lightly-soiled clothes and reduces wash programme times by 30-40%.  There is a Freshen up cycle, which is a light wash for clothes tat are not really dirty but may have been worn a couple of times. It does not use detergent and only lasts for twenty minutes.Bosch Logixx’s hand wash and wool programme is a real time- saver. The gentle programme runs at just 27 rpm, has a soft wash action and special spin phase and takes the inconvenience out of hand washing delicate clothes and knitwear. Another time- saving programme available in the Bosch Logixx range is the mixed load cycle, which allows you to wash mixed fabrics and colours in the same wash, taking the inconvenience of sorting laundry into different washes. It can handle up to 3kg of washing so is better for a quick wash, rather than a full laundry load. All Bosch Logixx laundry appliances also have reduced ironing settings to help keep creases out of clothes.  And all of these appliances in this range have a highly pressure- resistant water supply hose and systems in place to prevent overflow. They also all have an electronic lock to prevent the washer being opened in the middle of a wash.These are some of the features that all Bosch Logixx washing machines include, but there are other features and programmes available in some of the more expensive Logixx washers than the standard ones such as the sports wash option specifically designed to wash gym, cycling and jogging kit. The silk hand wash programme is a gentle wash cycle that will not ruin delicate silk items of clothing. One feature that I found particularly interesting due to the many skin problems that I have is the sensitive programme. This programme prolongs the maximum washing temperature, increases the water level and adds an extra rinse to minimise irritation to sensitive skin.  Bosch Logixx

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