Comparing Cedar Siding to Fiber Cement

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Homeowners are always confused about what type of siding is going to do the best job for them. It is understandable that homeowners would be a little confused about the options because there are so many types of siding on the market. Whether you are going with wood siding types or you are thinking about something artificial,Guest Posting you will be confused as to how you can get the best value and appearance. We can help you understand the different types of siding on the market.

Cedar Siding

Whether you are seeking lap siding or you require board and batten siding, we believe that cedar siding is an option that you must consider. If you are hoping for wood siding types, cedar is the top of the tree. It is going to last a lot longer because cedar is very resistant to rotting and bacteria. Whether you are dealing with the possibility of mold or other natural elements getting on the siding, cedar will give you a lot more durability than other types of wood. And the only maintenance that you need will be a couple of cleaning jobs each year.

Another reason many homeowners opt for cedar siding is because of the aesthetic. Not only does cedar siding look gorgeous, but you have so many different grades and varieties. Whether you are going for a a more modern look with vertical board and batten styling or just traditional shingles, cedar siding can help you achieve those looks. And finally, cedar siding is environmentally friendly. There is very little processing and treatment that goes into creating cedar siding, which is why it is considered “greener” than using other types of wood.

Fiber Cement

It may seem odd to compare fiber cement to cedar siding, but it is a good example of natural vs. manmade siding. With fiber cement, you are getting a combination of sand, cellulose and cement. These items are pressed in factories to create the planks or singles that will make up your siding. The positive with fiber cement siding is that you can recreate many looks, including wood. While you will never get the same natural beauty of cedar siding, you can make your siding look as close to wood as possible. It is also easy to replicate bricks with fiber cement siding.

The main reason a homeowner would consider fiber cement is because it is a couple dollars cheaper than cedar siding, per square foot. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider this type of siding.

But we would always recommend cedar siding. Why? Because you are getting the best quality on the market. Yes, you are paying a little more. But you are getting value for money. Cedar siding will look incredible, natural and stunning for decades. And while fiber cement can replicate other siding looks, it will always become noticeable at a close distance. You can always tell that it is a synthetic material that is mimicking the appearance of wood or bricks.


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