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Marble is said to be the king of  stones and very rightly so. The wide application of marble has been the reason  to it. Marble is a type of rocks that are called metamorphic rocks. The two  most abundantly occurring types of marble are calcite and dolomite. The custom  marble design refers to the designing that is manually done after the marble  has been extracted. Not only extracted,Guest Posting but this designing is done after the  marble has been refined, polished and finely cut. The custom marble design has  been something of great fascination for the public as it has allowed them to  have their houses look better than ever.

Marble is used in the construction and this has been a convention for ages now. This type of  stone has been traditionally associated with the historical monuments and its  use in the buildings of great importance has been historic. For ages, the  marble custom design has been made use of to make the houses and other  buildings look better. Its use was not confined just to the extent of houses  but the kings of old times preferred to use marble in the designing of the  royal court, the construction of public buildings and also in the building of  the royal palace itself. So, custom marble design is something that human  beings have historically adopted.

Custom marble design is a very vast  term. In fact, it is a whole industry itself. There exist various reservoirs of  marble across the world and marble has been extracted from these sites in huge  amounts. After the marble is extracted, it is passed through a number of stages  to come at the stage of marble custom design. When the marble is extracted, it  goes under the following processes before coming to the stage of custom marble  design:

  • When the marble is extracted, it is in raw form so the  purification process starts.
  • The purification process involves the refining of marble and  washing it to make it clean.
  • The marble is then polished so that it could lead to the next  stage in its journey to the custom marble design.
  • The last stage before reaching the stage of custom marble  design is the cutting stage. This is a very important stage because it has to  be carried out with due care and diligence. Various techniques are there that  are used for cutting marble into appropriate sizes but the most widely used  technique is the water jet cutting. The water jet cutting makes use of a beam  of water that comes out with a great speed and the marble gets cut with the  force that is produced by the out coming water. Water jet technology is being widely  used across the world because it is very economical for the custom marble  design firms and they deem it a tool to earn super normal profits. Also, they  assert that this technique is very harmless because it uses the nature  technique of water and does not produce any raw materials.
Then is the stage of designing. It is  the real reason why we call the whole process as custom marble design. You can  place an order for the marble medallions. You can not only choose the size as  per your requirement but you can also get the marble medallions customized  according to your taste and liking. This can be done either on your own or you  can hire the services of an architect or any other professional that works in  this regard. He can really give you very useful guideline to choose the type  and design of the marble. Custom marble design that is obtained by the help of  a professional can be a bit costly because it is natural for him to charge his  fees. If you are low on money and want your budget to get restricted, you can  do it on your own. In this way your cost will be minimized for the purchase of  custom marble design but in doing so; you will have to have the following point  in mind so that the choice of custom marble design can be perfectly made:
  • The size of the tiles or medallions that are going to be used  should be suitable to the place where they have to be incorporated.
  • The custom marble design should be in coherence with the nature of the building that you plan  to build.
  • Last but not the least, the rates that you are going to pay  should be economical to do it the best way possible.

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