How to Keeping Your Shower Curtain Beautiful

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You have invested a lot of time and money in your beautiful new shower curtain, protecting it is probably a priority.  The very nature of where a shower is located makes it a difficult task to accomplish though.  The number one way to protect your investment is to put a shower liner in.  Fabric shower curtains most often require one.

The shower curtain is exposed to moisture,Guest Posting dirt and soap scum on a continual basis.  Both of these items are known breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which can damage fabric curtains and leave unsightly stains on every shower curtain.  By putting a vinyl shower curtain liner behind your actual shower curtain; you are placing a barrier between the harmful elements (water and dirt and soap scum) and your shower.Sometimes a shower curtain that is made of fabric will also have a shower liner of fabric.  Don’t be confused, you will still need a vinyl shower curtain liner to protect your shower curtain.  The shower liner of fabric is to add fullness to the fabric shower curtain.  In some design schemes, the shower liner of fabric is an accent color or pattern that complements the overall style of the ensemble.When you are buying a vinyl shower curtain liner; they range in price greatly.  You can go with a very cheap version that will cost you five to ten dollars.  You get what you pay for here.  The grommets usually are not made of rust free aluminum.  The thickness of the vinyl is generally very thin and prone to tearing.  The top of the vinyl shower liner is most commonly not doubled over and stitched.  The holes that  hold the shower rings will rip easily with little use and you will need to replace your vinyl shower curtain liner.For a little more money you can really do yourself a favor: purchase a mildew resistant vinyl shower curtain liner.  The mildew resistant vinyl shower curtain liner has rust free grommets and two layers of vinyl.  The vinyl shower curtain liner is then backed by a shower liner of fabric.  This is no ordinary fabric.  It is nylon that has been treated with a special mildew resistant substance.The mildew resistant vinyl shower curtain liner offers easy care and maintenance.  You just throw it into the washer.  A mildew resistant vinyl shower curtain liner works well with a shower liner made of fabric.  The vinyl shower curtain liner is placed in the tub to protect everything from water and the shower liner of fabric is placed outside the tub for aesthetic quality.In the effort to prevent nasty mold and mildew; the following items should be soaked in a water filled washing machine with one cup of vinegar and one cup of salt.  •    The shower curtain.  Most shower curtains can be placed in the washer, however check your manufacturer’s care instructions to be sure.•    The shower liner of fabric. These usually can be washed without any problem.  Once again check care labels to be sure.•    The vinyl shower curtain liner.  All vinyl shower curtain liners should be machine washable.Dissolve the salt completely in the washer before adding the shower curtain items.  The colors of your items should all be compatible for washing together.  If not soak like items in separate loads.The purpose of soaking  the shower curtain ensemble, including the vinyl curtain liner, is that salt and vinegar are natural mold and mildew inhibitors. The number one way to take care of your shower curtain is to get yourself a shower liner, get a fabric and a vinyl one for added design style.

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