Knowing your Shower Curtain Color Wheel

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Most people have limited space in the bathroom to make any design statement.  The biggest opportunity you have is your shower curtain.  You can use a simple shower curtain color and pattern,Guest Posting a solid shower curtain color or get colorful shower curtains with things painted on them.  The possibilities are endless for giving your bathroom some style and punching up your shower curtain color. Some questions to ask yourself in determining what shower curtain color you might like are:What is your favorite color or ones you tend to like? A shower curtain of this color is likely to be one you are satisfied with.  Do you have a picture that you like or have a connection to?  Incorporating this into your bathroom and adding colorful shower curtains to match might work for you.What feeling do you want the room to have? Blues and greens are cool colors that are usually calming.  You could use them in a more vibrant shower curtain color to evoke an ocean feel.  Reds, oranges and yellows tend to be bright and energetic. Unless you are going to have a colorful shower curtain with a painting or picture on it to make it the focal point of your bathroom; then you will need to use shower curtain color and pattern alone to build your bathroom décor.Don’t worry, shower curtain color is anything from boring.  Here is a rundown of some color schemes for your shower curtain color.Neutrals: Colors such as white, brown grey and black.  These are colors that go with everything.  Typically you would decorate your entire bathroom including the shower curtain color with different hues of these colors. A hue is a lighter or darker version of a color.  This is a very safe color scheme for beginners.Complimentary colors: These colors are opposite on the color wheel.  Often they go well together because the contrast they create when used together is harmonious.  Blue and orange are an example of complimentary color.  You might choose a shower curtain color and a wall color that are complimentary.Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel.  They go together but do not have the contrast of complimentary colors.  A small bathroom decorated with these might be effective.Triad colors:  are three colors that form a triangle on the color wheel.  They are a little trickier to decorate with.  You could purchase a colorful shower curtain with a triad of three colors you have chosen.  Then possibly paint your bathroom in a neutral color.If you have never looked at a color wheel, it is recommended.   Gaining an understanding of how colors work together to create an overall look or feel may give you an idea for your shower curtain color.   Take your time in choosing what shower curtain color you want.  Better yet buy several different colors and change them with your moods (or the season); whichever changes first!If you are going to use shower curtain color; a short color lesson may be in order.

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