Simple but Handy Ideas for Shower Curtains

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An ingenious idea for the shower is a shower curtain with pockets.  Sewn on the inside of the shower curtain or shower curtain liner, shower curtain pockets give you a handy place to put your shampoo, soap and other bath products.
Shower curtains with pockets are usually single panel curtains. This does not allow for a lot of design possibilities.  If you are looking to ad texture to your shower curtain, you can add a shower curtain top.

A shower curtain top is a short curtain that affixes to the shower curtain rings and frames the top of your shower curtain.  It’s sole purpose is for decoration.   There are as many shower curtain tops as there are different shower curtains.   With some looking you may find one to spruce up your dull shower curtain.A shower curtain top can add a little flare to a rather plain shower curtain.  You can put a shower curtain top in a complimentary color above your shower curtain for contrast.Placing a shower curtain top above a shower curtain with an interesting pattern,Guest Posting print or picture can act like a frame.  Look at your shower curtain and choose a color that would accent your curtain.  For instance a black shower curtain top could frame a shower curtain that has a landscape scene on it.  A dark blue shower curtain top might complement an ocean scene on your shower curtain.Another interesting use of a shower curtain top is to place it above a clear, white or black vinyl shower curtain.  The shower curtain top is actually the focus.  Find a shower curtain top with an interesting texture or pattern.When shopping for a shower curtain top you need not worry too much about fabric or mildew resistance, since the topper usually is not in contact with the water.When shopping for a shower curtain with pockets keep a few things in mind:A mildew resistant shower curtain with pockets is recommended.  With the addition of bath products to the pockets; mold and mildew may find an environment to grow.  A mildew resistant shower curtain with pockets will help prevent this.  If your favorite shower curtain with pockets is not mildew resistant; you can soak it in salt water when you buy it and they launder it every two weeks with detergent, one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda.Shower curtain pockets are less likely to mildew if they are made of mesh.  The mesh allows water to drain and gives mold less fibers to grow in.When minimal is the key, perhaps due to a small bathroom or just a low key décor; a shower curtain topper above a shower curtain with pockets is an ideal way to achieve this. Pair a shower curtain top and a shower curtain with pockets and you have a functional and decorative shower curtain that is an expression of your unique and personal style. The combinations that you can come up with are endless.

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