Little Giant Ladder Models - Little Giant Ladder 22, Little Giant Ladder 26 And Other Models

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The multipurpose ladder little giant has brought respite to all and is the right choice for every household. The sleek body of little giant ladder makes it easy to store at any corner of the house...

The little giant ladder is marketed as ‘24 ladders in one.’ Every time it transforms into a new shape,Guest Posting it gives you the feeling that you have bought a new ladder.  

The little giant ladder22 is very much adaptable. The 22ft version called as little giant 22 replaces all 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft ‘A’ frames. It further replaces 22ft extension, 2 scaffolding trestles, and staircase ladders. You may require at least $600 to replace the capabilities of the little giant ladder. Even then also, you may still be short of the durability, storage benefits and versatility that you can get from little giant ladder. 

Little Giant Ladder 22 features: Will reach most second story rooflines, Storage Height- 5ft7in, Extension Height Maximum- 19ft - the best selling ladder, Step Ladder Height Maximum- 9ft, Weight: 42 lbs. 

Little Giant Ladder Model 26.  

The little giant ladder 26 is sturdier than any usual ladders. ‘6005-T5 aluminum’ thick-wall grade is used to build it. While it possesses a ‘workload capacity’ of ‘300 pounds’, it has been tested to withstand four fold that amount without ‘structural failure’. 

Features: ‘Extension Height- 13ft-23ft’, ‘Stepladder Height- 6ft-11ft’, ‘Scaffolding Height- 6ft’, ‘Storage Height- 6ft 7in’, Weight- 54 lbs.Little Giant Ladder Other Models 

Little giant ladders have many other models, such as model 13, model 17 and more.  All the models are unique of its versatility and user-friendly appealing.Model 17 is suitable to reach second story windows, its storage height is 4ft7in, extension height is 15ft, stepladder height is max 7ft and its weight is 35 lbs.

Model 13 is still lighter than model 17. It has 7ft 11in extension height, 3ft 7in storage height, 3ft 5in stepladder height and weight is only 26 lbs. It is most convenient for domestic little works. 

The little giant ladder is the champion of all home renovation projects. Everyone should have a little giant ladder for his work convenience.

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