Porter-Cable PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

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The Porter-Cable PN650 Palm Nailer Kit is a very compact and easy to use nail gun. It’s light weight and compact design makes it the ideal choice for use in very restricted areas where space is at a premium and a larger nailer may not a practical solution. Although technically not a nail gun due to the fact the palm nailer shoots only one nail at a time, and requires each individual nail to be loaded, while a nail gun holds a magazine of nails or brads which can be ‘fired’ in quick succession.

The Porter-Cable PN650 Palm Nailer is a surprisingly compact simple to use nailgun. The lightweight,Guest Posting compact profile means it's a good tool to use in tightly restricted areas and where a bigger tool will not be a good option. And this tool is not actually a nailer since the nails need to be loaded and then fired one at a time. A 'nailer' comes with a magazine which can be preloaded with several nails at a go.
Not withstanding it's small size this power tool still manages to deliver a big whack. It'll fit in the palm of your hand and be a breeze to use at those times that a larger nailer is too cumbersome for the task in hand.
The magnetic tip is great since it makes alignment and anchoring the gun to the target much easier.
The Palm nailer only fires 1 nail at a go, the number of different nails that it can accommodate is excellent we discovered that even 8 inch serrated barn nails that were being driven into 6 x 6 inch wood was not a problem for this small palm nailer.
It's true to say that a nailer that only fires one nail at a time has limited uses, and as it is able to deal so well with just about any job given to it this Porter-Cable power tool, can be a useful nailer for both the amateur and professional. It’s a bit like turning your hand into a powerful hammer!
A ton of readers will be quite surprised to learn that although this is indeed a very powerful pneumatic nailer, it has no significant kick back, no doubt good news for a lot of people.
Bryan from the US says this about his Porter-able:
"I have always used a framing hammer to nail joist hangers and usually on every job I bang my finger once or twice while trying to hold the hanger/nail and hammer. I used this tool for the first time today and was amazed at how smooth it is. It comes with quite a few different accessories for different types of nails and it comes with an air hose connection. I had to nail one hanger with only 5 1/2" between the hanger and the adjacent wall and the palm nailer handled this easily. I was expecting this tool to be rough on the hands but was surprised at it's smoothness and tons of power. This is a tool I wish I had bought years ago."
The Porter-Cable PN650 Palm Nailer is an excellent buy, its light weight and ease of use make it a perfect tool when working in confined spaces, while the ability to work with such a wide variety of nails make it just as useful as a traditional hammer, it can deliver just about anything you throw at it.

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