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Milwaukee M12 cordless palm nailer review introduction. The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Kit is a cool new product on the market. The cordless electric nailer is powered by a 12v battery pack. For its size it delivers decent power at 2-1/5 foot pounds of driving force. A perfect power tool for any homeowner.

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Combo Kit is a fabulous new power tool that recently hit the market. This electric nailer is cordless,Guest Posting a 12v battery pack provides the power. Not a big nailer, it still gives you a fair amount of power. An ideal choice for at-home DIY enthusiasts.
Actually the M12 Palm Nailer Kit is amongst the first electric powered nailers in its field. Not surprisingly, this compact nailer fits nicely into the palm of the users palm. And if you have a lot of odd jobs to to around the home, then this nailer is ideal. You know when large nailers (good though they are) are just too cumbersome to use in confined spaces? Well no such problem with this compact little unit.
The Milwaukee M12 Cordless And also, for dimly lit work spaces, this tool is fitted with a handy LED light for illuminating your work area. This is one of those tools which is exactly what you need - when the occasion arises..
In the US, Mike from Boston says this about his M1 cordless nailer:"The Milwaukee M12 cordless palm Nailer came just a few days after I ordered it. I had some very tight areas to nail off on my new patio cover which I tied into the house right under the eves. It worked like a charm. I finished what I thought would take hours with a small hammer in about 1/100 of the time. It took me about 3 to 4 minutes to hammer (1) 8 penny nail with a conventional hammer. I used the palm nailer and finished ths job in which (about 30 nails) in about 1/2 the time it took to nail the orignal one. The area I had to nail had about 8 inches of room. No problem for the palm nailer.
I would recommend it to anyone. It even drove the 16 penny nails I had to nail as well."
This Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer review finds that this is an excellent power tool for anybody who has occasional (or frequent) need for a small nailer. That hobbyists and DIY homeowners both. You would be correct in concluding that this palm nailer is though quite powerful, won’t replace a standard heavy duty nail gun. In practice this is great for working in awkward and small work areas where a hammer or even a standard nail gun won’t fit. The cord free design is certainly a great asset since it allows you to take and use it anywhere. To finish off, we'll say that for lightweight nailer projects this is a good choice. 

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