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A portable rechargeable nail gun the Paslode 902000 – 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer, is an impressive piece of kit. Designed for ease of use, while still being powerful and versatile this nailer s ideal for professionals, carpenters, hobbyists and DIY’ers. This versatile nailgun allows for ¾ to 2 ½ inch nails to be used making it ideal for a variety of jobs, from beading to more heavy weight carpentry jobs.

Paslode with more than 70 years of experience,Guest Posting 20 of those years of which have been providing novel cordless tools for both the professional and the DIY market. Paslode have rightly attracted a very good reputation and they apply their expertise into their new products to make sure that us customers have the best tools at an affordable price. That includes the 902000.
And since it's a cordless nailgun it really makes the Paslode 902000 an extremely simple tool to use and most adaptable. Having no wires or cords trailing behind means that it can be used even in even the tightest of spaces safely and conveniently, and as the Paslode 902000 – 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer does not require a compressor, there is no air hoses to worry about either.The battery can be very quickly and easily charged in just under two hours and will then give you enough power to launch 4,000 nails or brads. The fuel cells have power to drive 1,200 nails, although they are not provided with the original unit, the gas or fuel cells are easily available.
The Paslode 902000– 16 Gauge Finish Nailer has an excellent reputation for both ease of use and for reliability. The cordless design is recognized as being a major plus as it adds to the versatility of this powerful nailgun, so making it an ideal choice for a all sorts of DIY projects including - fixing flooring, moldings, all types of carpentry & cabinetry.
Chris from Stamford has this to say about his Paslode:
"I purchased this tool to put up trim in a few rooms in my home. I thought it would be quiet enough to use while my 2 year old slept upstairs - my compressor and pneumatic finish nailer can wake the dead! I was wrong... this isn't a quiet tool though. Poised to return the tool, I decided, however, to give it a try. It is absolutely amazing and there is NO way it's going back - I am cord free. I've used it on over 500 linear feet of molding and it misfired only once. I haven't changed the fuel cell either. This nailer mars wood significantly less than the my Porter Cable pneumatic nailer. However, the depth adjustment "wheel" is very difficult to turn for some reason and doesn't appear to make any noticeable depth change for the nail. I assume this is probably just an issue with the one that I got but it really isn't an issue for me. The case for this tool is fantastic and has plenty of room to hold many extra fuel cells, batteries, and nails. The odor from the machine wasn't as bad as I had anticipated after reading several reviews which noted it. Expensive, but worth it!"
With the capability to fire brads or nails from ¾ inch to 2 ½ inch to the depth and with the force most appropriate to the job, you have complete control, the protective nose prevents marring of the wood to ensure a professional finish every time.
The Paslode 902000 – 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer, is the ideal choice for both the professional and amateur alike, with no trailing cords or tubing, the Paslode 902000 finish nailer is versatile and highly portable, with all the power needed for the toughest jobs.

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