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Dewalt DC608K cordless brad nailer review introduction. The all new Dewalt DC608K cordless brad nailer is completely cord free, and runs on battery power alone. Battery power means you can operate this tool anywhere with out being tied to an outland or compressor. The 18v NiCAD rechargeable battery is powerful enough to sink nails into any type of wood.

The Dewalt DC608K is cord free,Guest Posting and uses only batteries. And a nailer that only uses battery power gives you a whole lot of flexibility, since you won't be tied to an outland or compressor. The 18v NiCAD is a rechargeable battery that's going to deliver home nails into any type of wood you need to.
You will learn from this DC608K review, there are many features on this nailer that enable quick & easy repairs as well as new construction jobs. A knob found on the frame of the nailer enables you to rapidly fine-tune brad depth when using different strength and thicknesses of woods. In sequential operating mode you'll effect bump firing to quickly put home nails, and a flip of the switch engages the single shot operating mode for precision nailing. It will easily fasten all sort of decorative work and molding.
The nose-piece is well designed so that when clearing the occasional jammed nails, it's a really simple job to do that does not require any additional tools. The tapered nose assists in exact positioning, and a sealed cartridge ensures that no dust gets into the nailgun. And it is worth noting that the 18V battery is interchangeable across other Dewalt products.
In the US, Marty says this about his own Dewalt...
"This is a great tool if you do much wood trim work or cabinet building. It saves tons of time and effort and is worth the cost! It's twice the price of the Black & Decker nailer, but it's twice the nail gun, too. If you have one small project and that's all you'll need a nailer for, then the B&D would probably be good enough for you. But if you plan on using it a lot, then opt for the DeWalt.. it has more power and much better quality and longevity. I've owned my DeWalt DC608 for well over a year and have used it extensively in that time, and I've had NO problems with it except for having jammed 3 or 4 times. It's really simple to remove the jammed nail, then blow out any dust or debris that may be causing the jam, and go on working. It's actually fun to use, and has enough safety features that an accidental firing would be difficult. No need for an air compressor and hose, which is a HUGE convenience for me, especially up on a ladder. All my tools are 18V DeWalt, so the interchangeable batteries are a huge plus. Every time I use this nailer I almost feel like kissing it (almost but not quite!!! lol)"
This power tool is good for construction sites or any other work place. It is a stand up tool, and the battery gives you a useful long life of use. Cordless tools are becoming ever more popular, this nail gun is no exception. We did not really find much to complain about with respect to this nailer, even though we noted that has a fairly large nose. In any case this has not caused us any grief. You will by now have concluded from this Dewalt dc608k review that we are are quite taken by this new power tool. 

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