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The Dewalt DC608B Brad nailer benefits from simply being battery driven. That means that you be unencumbered by hoses, cords, power cells or whatever . 

The Dewalt DC608B Brad nailer benefits from simply being battery driven. That means that you be unencumbered by hoses,Guest Posting cords, power cells or whatever . This battery powered nailer will enable you to work on the hardest of woods, and if you are working with softer wood then you can easily adjust the depth as required.

Yes - it's a battery powered nail gun that you'll be able to use anywhere you choose. This nailgun is a breeze, it makes fast and easy work of all most nailing projects including crown molding and panelling. An adjustment switch on the tool means that you can simply change the depth which is useful when moving between various thickness and strengths of wood. And of course it can It can be used in the usual two different operating modes - sequential or single shot.
Getting into tight work spaces is a piece of cake thanks to the neat tapered nose and that it's cord free. The nosepice will open up very easily, which means that removing jammed nails (should that happen) will be a quick process. The nail cartridge is fully encapsulated so that it's completly dust free, thus reducing the of a malfunction.
Optional extras (recommended) include the battery and recharger - point being that other 18v Dewalt batteries you might own for other tools could compatible with this unit.
Mr Hoover from California has this to say about his new Dewalt nailgun:
"With this unit, like its big brother the cordless Finish nailer, I don't have the hassle of loading up a compressor and hoses to do a small job. Production use? Not sure. If you wanted to put trim on a bookcase, shelving, etc. this is the unit. A bit bulky compared to pneumatic nailers, but hey, trade off seems worth it. Haven't gotten in to heavy or prolonged use so my review may change if I encounter problems in the future. Home craftsman? Buy it. Light maintenance/furniture refinishing? This will work nicely."
In doing your research you'll probably discover that there are in fact another similar Dewalt nailers to this one, the other is the DC608K.

This Dewalt DC608B review should have you convinced that this is a very good power tool if it's cordless brad nailer you need. Since it is battery powered you will save money by not having to buy fuel cells, which is what a lot of cordless nailers run on. Although a bit more bulky then others around, that never gave us any problems. So if you are in the market for a new brad nailgun, this could be the one for you.

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