Using free Web Page Templates

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Using free Web Page ... are used to make the website look and feel ... All websites are built using ... and many website ... tools and packages include ... H

Using free Web Page Templates

Templates are used to make the website look and feel consistent. All websites are built using templates and many website authoring tools and packages include templates. Here we will look at the templates that are available and go on to make web pages using these templates.

 Template Types

Templates are created by designers using various tools,Guest Posting and some i.e. FrontPage templates may require the hosting server to support FrontPage Extensions. Therefore my advice for beginners is to avoid templates of this type and use only plain HTML templates. Some of the types you will see are:

  • HTML-----------Use this one if you are a beginner
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Frontpage
  • Frames
  • No Frames------This may may not be plain HTML

Most Websites  offer themed templates like:

  • kids
  • business
  • computers
  • music
  • Internet

There is nothing to be wary of here just choose the appropriate theme for your Website.

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