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Blogger is not Dead.. it is an amazing blogging platform.

A good percentage of people who first play with blogging,Guest Posting need to decide if they should get started by using Google's online Blogger service or set up a WordPress blog on their own domain. For some, the answer is clearly Blogger.If you do some searching on the web, you will probably conclude that many more people advocate WordPress than Blogger. How come? WordPress has an almost rabid following because it is compatible with 'Web 2.0'. It comes with the inherent ability for users to employ third party plugins, as well as small add-on programs called widgets. These add-ons enhance the functionality of the blog and make it more attractive. If you do a look-up on Google for WordPress widgets, you will uncover a few weeks worth of resources.So if WordPress has so many neat plugins and widgets, then why do I pick Blogger. The answer is not complicated. I am trying to get visitors from the search engines and in particular visitors from Google. Since Google owns Blogger, I think we would be simple minded not to presume that they give blogs created on Blogger more search engine juice. To me that's the ultimate plan.Also, it is so straightforward to produce blogs using Blogger. Even a newbie can have a blog set up within 10 minutes. It is also extremely simple to add Google AdSense to Blogger blogs, while it can be a challenge on WordPress blogs. Once you have your AdSense publisher ID, you just click a link to add an AdSense block to your blog and voila - it is done.So the decision is clear, if you want a more sophisticated blog, then it's better to go with WordPress. If you want a blog that you can set up easily and quickly, get boat loads of traffic and make some decent money, then go with Blogger.There are also a few high end software programs available, that let you create and keep track of multiple Blogger blogs from one central location. This makes it even easier to generate revenue with Blogger.

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