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The Internet has allowed one to obtain public death records in just seconds. Instead of searching for the record in the traditional manner, one can simply go online and look up the needed information. Doing the search online has eliminated the need to go to any office thus one can save time and energy. 

The state of California has allowed its residents to access their public files. One of the files they can request is the California Death Records. This has been made possible after the Freedom of Information Act has been implemented by the state government. 
There is a lot of information that can be obtained in a death certificate issued in the state of California.  One would know the person's personal details such as the real name and birth date. Information as to when and where the person died is the highlights of the said document. The cause of death of the individual is also indicated on the record.  The file would also contain the names of the immediate family members of the deceased which is used later on for reference. 
A death record is used by the residents of California for several purposes. Updating the family tree is one of the primary uses of such document. The document has information that is vital in updating the status of a family member. With this,Guest Posting the rest of the relatives would be aware of one's status. Processing government transactions such as insurance related request would also call for a death certificate to be presented. If the spouse left by the deceased has plans to marry again, the death certificate of the partner is one of the requirement to proceed with the marriage. 
The Department of Health under the Vital Records Section is where the public documents of California are archived. Among this are the state's death records. The office can only release records which have been dated since July 1905 and a fee of $14 has to be paid to proceed with the request. The said fee would only cover a 10 year period search per request. Unfortunately, due to the limited number of office personnel in the state office, the document can be obtained after 15 weeks or so since the request was filed. 
Originally, going to the state office is the first thing that should be done when planning to get a copy of a death record in California. Because of the long time that one has to spend in waiting for the document, going to the county office has now become the first option. One would be able to shorten the wait time to just days instead of the usual weeks. Another way to get the record is to send a mail request addressed to the state office. However, the long wait time is still there. To get the record immediately, one can also file the request through the Internet. 
Online retrieval of public death records can now be done. This choice is now becoming popular among the residents of California because of the ease of use and the convenience that it offers. Instead of going to any office, the record can be requested even at home and the document is displayed in just seconds instead of waiting for days or weeks thus avoiding the dreaded 15 weeks wait time.

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