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Written by Ryan Cote’

Something as simple as signing guestbooks could be the secret you’ve been looking for to take your website traffic to a whole new level. But you can’t just sign any guestbook. This article will let you in on a guestbook signing technique that I’ve used to bring hordes of TARGETED traffic to my website.

If you’re reading this article,Guest Posting then you most likely know that link popularity is extremely important to most search engines. If you want a good ranking, you have to have other websites linking to you, and the more the better. But it’s just as important that the websites linking to you are somewhat related in content. For example, for my website above, I’d be interested in linking to websites that deal with internet marketing, money, finance, ebooks, etc.

The best way to increase link popularity is by contacting the webmaster of a particular website you are interested in exchanging links with. If everything goes well, they will be interested too, and you both link to each other’s websites. But this can also be extremely time consuming!

This is where signing other website’s guestbooks comes in. It’s simple, convenient, quick, and in most cases, you don’t need your link to be approved by the webmaster. But how do you find similar websites that offer a guestbook on their website? Easy! You’ll want to use as your search engine because it’s the best. Click on advanced search, which is right next to the search box. The first box you’ll see gives you the option of specifying words that MUST be included in each search result. You’ll want to use words that relate to your website content. For my website, I used the words “business, money, opportunity, income.” The second box lets you specify a phrase that must be included in the content of each search result. This is where you put “sign my guestbook.” Click search and you’ll have a ton of websites that are similar to yours and offer a guestbook for you sign.

So start signing away and soon you’ll increase your link popularity and skyrocket your website traffic!

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