Emergence of Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

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Delivering a superior and rich experience across all channels to the customers has become an issue of paramount importance for all the organisation which has led to the emergence of CCO.

Customers in this digital world have access to latest information & updates on brands through mobile,Guest Posting laptops, tablets etc . Companies need to embrace new technologies and build trust. Companies need to have a robust strategy of focusing on customer centricity. The challenge for any organisation today is to provide a seamless and a superior experience to their customers across all channels with consistent brand messaging. For that to happen there must be high amount of information sharing, proactive feedback, ideation, communication patterns, an action plan and a strong structure in place to tackle the customer’s problems and to make incremental improvements. The role of a Chief customer officer (CCO) today is to engage with the customers, listen to them , ensuring great experiences for them and earn their trust.

Companies recognize the value of the chief customer officer (CCO) as a stepping-stone into roles of greater responsibility and authority. The sudden rise of the chief customer officer is a sign that companies finally appear to be taking their customers more seriously. The main aim of creating such a role is for customer engagement and to focus on quality of service.

A survey says that 84% of people believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver of growth.

A company's digital marketing strategy must be aligned around creating endless personalisation by delivering unique value to each customer through a personalised offer or relevant content which will prompt the customer to perform the desired action.

The needs of the customers are changing rapidly and they voice their opinions & views through various social media channels and review sites. It is extremely important for all companies to keep track of the experiences shared by their customers as bad reviews, posts or comments on various platforms can tarnish the image of a brand. There is a necessity for a customer experience (CX) team to continuously monitor the customer feedback and take corrective measures to overcome the problems highlighted by the customers.

Many service providers like big retail chains, cab providers, ecommerce players ask for the customer’s feedback after providing the service. They ask the customer “how was your experience today” . Based on the customer feedback CX team should give the findings to the CCO who will have to draft an action plan to ensure that the customer is provided with a great and compelling experience which would turn them into brand advocates.

I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that CCO is going to play a major role in ensuring that companies deliver rich and high quality experience across omni-channels to their customers driving profitability.

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